Don Cherry renews contract with team DLC

Don Cherry renews contract with team DLC

The hockey season may still be up in the air, but the sport’s real star, Don Cherry, has re-signed with team Dominion Lending Centres.

“Yes, Don will be in our ads for the next four years,” Gary Mauris, president of DLC, told Thursday. “The Don Cherry TV campaign will strongly continue over the upcoming 12 months, however, a new campaign will take its place late in 2013.”

That new campaign will see Cherry continue to hawk DLC wares on TV and print/online, said Mauris, allowing DLC to build on the campaign’s 270 million viewer impressions this year alone.

However, there will be some additions to the advertising lineup, with DLC recruiting a new celebrity, in addition to Cherry, starting in 2013. DLC is mum on who exactly will provide that star power.

The campaign changes include TV ads that feature new personalities, consumer-focused education spots and a new calls-to-action.

For the remainder of the existing contract, TV commercials featuring Cherry will be aired five days a week nationwide on a slew of channels, from “Income Property” on HGTV to newscasts on Global, CTV and CBC news programs.

The original multi-year deal with Cherry, which began in 2010, has been very successful in creating buzz around DLC’s broker network, accumulating over 500 million viewer impressions, by the company’s own account.

Oddly enough, the hockey lockout is highlighting the effectiveness of TV ads orbiting other programs, according to some brokers.

“The Don Cherry ads hitting new T V time zones has already started to bring in another segment of clients,” said Dale Bilton, president of Dominion Lending Centres Commercial and Residential Mortgages Ltd. “Yesterday I had a call from a retired teacher who is buying a house and when he saw our DLC ad on the afternoon TV, he called. When I asked how he decided to call DLC, he simply said, ‘Don Cherry told me to.’ I am missing NHL hockey, however there are positive offsets from this.”