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Kevin Cochran knows about the importance of financial education from personal experience and that’s why he’s spearheaded a financial literacy program recently launched through Dominion Lending Centre brokers.

The EnRICHed Academy’s “Smart Start for Financial Genius” program is a five-DVD set and workbook, designed to educate young adults and their families on the fundamentals that build wealth.

“I was a victim of the system, as many students were, but luckily I was able to work my way through all those challenges and I’m in a much better place than I was,” Cochran, who is DLC’s regional director for Ontario, told MortgageBrokerNews.ca.

“Unfortunately, money management is something students are going to learn one way or another, but most people learn it the hard way.

“No one is taking responsibility to fix this problem, so that’s what we wanted to do with this,” said Cochran. “The truth of the matter is that most kids can’t save money because their parents can’t save money.”

He said the videos teach families everything about money that they’re never taught, like compound interest, Beacon scores and how to buy their first investment property.

In addition to the DVDs and workbook, DLC agents will also be offered the opportunity to become certified EnRICHed Academy presenters.

“In January of 2012, we will be launching a speaker training series, where agents will be able to go into their local communities to speak about financial literacy to students and families,” said Cochran.

The reception from DLC broker and agents has been encouraging so far, according to Cochran. “I’ve never seen a response like this from DLC agents before. They are so excited to spread the message. We’re fortunate to have such a great network of people that we can leverage this program through. ”

To watch the EnRICHed Academy trailer, click here


  • Chris on 2011-12-15 4:35:20 AM

    Nice to see that other brands are following CENTUM who launched their financial literacy partnership 8 months ago. I have to ask though... why is Dominion charging for it? Shouldn't it be a value ad to the consumer for dealing with the brand as opposed to a cash grab? Why pay for it when you can get it for free from so many other sources??

  • Kevin Cochran on 2011-12-15 5:37:38 AM

    Hi Chris, thanks very much for your comments and perspective regarding Dominion Lending Centres launch of “enRICHed Academy”. We sincerely appreciate anyone’s perspective on our new program, more so however when it is someone who has taken the time to fully review and truly understand the extend of our very unique educational system. To shed more light on what we’re offering, before creating EnRICHed Academy’s Smart Start For Financial Genius series, the developers of enRICHed academy worked in the coaching and training industry diligently for over 12 years. During that time and then since working with Dominion Lending Centres, the creators of EnRICHed Academy including myself conducted over 400 live high school classroom presentations (at no charge to the school) where we developed the material that’s now covered over 5 DVD’s in the program. This was a long and very painstaking process- the key for us was to connect with our audiences (mainly 13-23 year olds) in a completely entertaining way while at the same time giving them steps and actions to begin creating wealth at a young age. The feedback was and has been absolutely, over-the-top, AMAZING!- schools begged for us to come back and we were able to evolve a financial management, financial investment, credit, goal setting and career building information in such a way that kids were entertained, educated and left the events with concrete wealth building knowledge that they then acted on. We do ask our EnRICHed Academy customer’s to make a very small investment into themselves to purchase the product however we guarantee that the return on investment is enormous and will pay them back for a lifetime. To run a program like this including the live event where we filmed the DVD content in front of a live studio audience of 300 people, hiring a professional production and editing crew, filming additional interviews and content to reinforce the key teachings, creating all other supplementary material that is found in the program including the over 100 page workbook--- all in is a very large investment. We will continue to invest more money into the program based on sales of EnRICHed Academy’s Smart Start for Financial Genius program. Also Chris, I can assure you that we studied every program in existence and nothing exists in the market that is anything like EnRICHed Academy’s Smart Start For Financial Genius Program. Thanks again sincerely for your comments.

  • Amanda on 2011-12-15 10:13:13 AM

    I have been a mortgage agent for 13 years. i just watched the video attached to this story and was incredibly impressed. I am not with Dominion but programs focused on Financial literacy make our entire Industry better. I applaud you for the most worthwhile initiative i have seen in our industry for a very long time. Well done!

  • Chris on 2011-12-16 5:54:06 AM

    Hi Kevin I am not trying to diminish what you have done, but I think that people need to be aware that there are advance literacy programs available at no cost. With all due respect, 4 Pillars Consulting has been working with non profits and the government for over 13 years on financial literacy programs in Canada. They are the only for profit company in the country who is regularly invited to sit on councils with the not for profits and government, and they have successfully put over 1 million Canadians through financial literacy programs in the past decade. 4 Pillars does not charge a dime to the consumer for the program. Is there room to do more, yes there is. I applaud what you have done, I just question charging someone $100 to take a literacy program when the vast majority of Canadians who need this education cannot afford to outlay $100 as it makes the difference between paying the rent or not.

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