DLC launches white label product line in Quebec

DLC launches white label product line in Quebec

Upfront payment and trailer fees are some of the benefits provided by Dominion Lending Centres' Dominion Mortgage white-label product line which the broker network recently launched in Quebec.

“This is a great way for brokers to diversify their income stream,” said Gary Mauris, DLC president. “It’s the only commission structure that pays a finder’s fee and a trailer fee for the remainder of the amortization.”

“The product line offers a very competitive interest rate at 3.14 per cent on 1 – 5 year mortgages and is very flexible payment,” said Robert Perrier, provincial sales manager for DLC. “We also support our brokers with renewal fees of up to 20 bps and trailer fees up to 15 bps.”

DLC has been providing exclusively to DLC agents in other provinces a suite of white label products backed by Paradigm Quest since 2008. The Dominion Mortgage white label product line was launched in Quebec last week as part of a series of measures the broker network is conducting following its entry into the province last October.

While DLC is partnering with Paradigm, the company “is not affiliated or compensated by DLC,” said Cynthia Kramer, corporate account manager for DLC.

“Paradigm’s role is to provide an independent assessment of credit quality and to facilitate the mortgage process,” she said. “The company does not directly fund Dominion Mortgage but does so through a number of capital market institutional investors who participate in the mortgage-backed securities program managed by CMHC.”


  • Kevin 2012-09-13 6:56:06 PM
    How is this news? Maybe the name of this site should be changed to "Dominion News" based on the fact that you all but ignore the other players in the industry.
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  • John Dearin RPA,. AMP. 2012-09-13 11:35:52 PM

    A bit of time on my hands for a change. Your comments are sour grapes and an obvious dislike/jealousy of DLC. I took the time to list the last 21 headlines from the index. Two are major announcements from DLC that warrant a place here in a news forum about mortgages. Two relate to the ING takeover. Two relate to the MLS service. The other 15 relate to various topics that are not DLC related but should be of at least passing interest to mortgage brokers/agents. I was going to remark that in my opinion your comments are silly...in fact they are pure stupid. But then again, I am a little biased being a DLC brokerage.

    Here is the list of headlines:

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  • Kevin 2012-09-19 5:17:29 AM
    Your argument still does not make this an industry news piece John. Give your head a shake.
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