Dire conditions revealed in tit-for-tat between Vancouver and Toronto renters

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A recent back-and-forth hosted by VICE intended to find out “Who Has It Worse”, in the magazine’s words, between Vancouver and Toronto renters.
“Literally the outgoing tenant told me she sometimes sees random bugs and that I should probably keep looking. But it was a decent price in a good location,” Manisha Krishnan of Toronto started.
“I'd be panicking if I were you, too. ‘Random bugs’ sounds horrifying,” Lonnie Nadler of Vancouver replied. “I got a crazy deal... Like unheard of. But something about it doesn't feel entirely legit. We signed a custom lease, not a BC lease.”
“It's a 900-square-foot, two bedroom place for $1,000,” Nadler continued.
“That makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong with my life. Congrats though,” Krishnan said. “Also, I found out the bugs aren't random—they're cockroaches. But I'm told it's not really an issue anymore. I asked a couple of the tenants there, one said he's seen two in the last seven months, and the other said he hasn't seen any.”
“Two cockroaches in seven months is two more than I care to think about crawling on me while I sleep,” Nadler sympathized.
The duo also shared their worst horror stories.
“I saw this place, which is a one-bedroom for $1,200. [The bath] is alright, but it's pretty f***ing tiny and it's so hot. I went by this week and [the previous resident] said it was 47 degrees inside. No AC,” Krishnan recalled.
“My worst experience was at this place that advertised as a 900-square-foot for $850, and we went to check it out and it was max 400 square feet. There was probably about 30 people packed into this tiny apartment, all trying to suck up to the landlord as he was giving impromptu interviews on the balcony,” Nadler said.
And while the duo seems to take their travails in stride, both became oddly wistful when talking about ownership.
“I mean, I feel like I should because I'm an ‘adult’ now, but I honestly don't think about it. Probably because it seems like such a pipe dream when I see the prices in Vancouver,” Nadler confessed.
“I mean, there's no way that I would ever be able to afford it in the near future. Probably true for most young journalists. My parents own some property though so I assume at some point, they'll hand it over,” Krishnan said.
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