Company launches new tool for Apple-using brokers

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One mortgage technology company has announced the first version of its product for Apple computers.

“Since the transition by many mortgage brokers from PCs to Macs back when VISTA was underperforming we have been inundated with requests to provide a Mac adaptation of our software,” Rick Robertson, CEO of Mortgage Mentor said in an official release. “This new bundle will enable many more brokers to benefit from the unique tools that MMI has built and continues to develop.”

Robertson, who has been a broker for two decades, has been creating tools for the industry since 1995. The Mortgage Mentor software includes tools that focus on lender sorting, mortgage product selection, and finance comparison tools.

“Adapting to Apple’s unique way of doing things has been no easy task. What started out as a ten day project in October 2013, turned into a 53 week trial of patience and endurance” Robertson said. “Along the way Mortgage Mentor successfully passed all the tests to become an Official Mac Developer. Even with access to the worldwide network of Apple developers there were still three features we apply on PCs that there were no solutions for in Mac world. We eventually and successfully built solutions for those in-house.”
  • Debra on 2015-02-20 12:14:28 PM

    It is a great product and I have enjoyed helping test and tryout the MAC version. Thank you!

  • Debra on 2015-02-20 12:14:58 PM

    It is a great product and I have enjoyed helping test and tryout the MAC version. Thank you!

  • Mike on 2015-02-20 12:15:56 PM

    LOL...kind of funny...alot of the industry started with Apple back in the 90's when that was the only choice to run the mortgage system. Up to a few years ago we have the old iMac server in the basement. Great mortgage calculators. The blue and orange iBooks where a great conversation piece with cleints. Personally have not touched a PC since the late 90's, don't even know how to work one. Just wish I bought more Apple Stock.

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