CMP Top Brokers capitalize on ranking

CMP Top Brokers capitalize on ranking

CMP Top Brokers capitalize on ranking

It’s all well and good for to sing the praises of the CMP Top 75 Brokers list, but what do Canada’s top performers have to say?

We find out in this new series with leading brokers from last year's CMP Top 50. And find they're none too bashful about explaining why their ranking translates into more than a pat on the back.

Christopher Bisson, president of The Mortgage Centre - Complementary Real Estate Services is number 11 on last year’s list, originating $94.6 million from his headquarters in Guelph, Ont. He tells that his ranking has been all about instilling confidence in the customer.

MBN: How has being included on the list of CMP Top 50 Brokers benefited you?

Bisson: I know that I always have the ability to market myself as one of the best brokers in Canada. It helps provide a sense of comfort for the customer, many of them are looking for safety, and if they know you do a heck of a lot more in your branch than is done in a bank, they can be more confident in your abilities.


MBN: What made you apply for a spot on the list in 2011?

Bisson: I wanted to know where I stood in relation to my peers and I wanted to have a third party put it out there that I’m one of the best in the industry. It’s one thing to say you’re a top producer but having a third party put it out there means a lot more.

MBN: How have you used it to market yourself?

Bisson: I have the list laminated hanging on the wall in my office so when I meet with customers they can see we’re in the top 50.  Beyond that I can see the potential to use it to market to other agents who are looking to join another, experienced, firm. Brokers in my area respect me and partly that’s because we consistently rank in the top 20.


MBN: Have you received any feedback from customers about your inclusion on the list?

Bisson: Some people are surprised we do that kind of volume and didn’t realize we’re one of Canada’s top brokers. They’re happy that they’re working with someone who’s a top performer. People like to deal with successful people.


MBN: There were some impressive numbers from brokers last year – what do you think those numbers say to consumers about the broker industry?

Bisson:The numbers don’t tell you all the details, but with numbers and volume comes experience.  To have that kind of volume you need to be on your game, be professional and have good systems in place. If your broker’s numbers aren’t anywhere near those on the list, you know you’re not dealing with the best producer and may choose to deal with someone who is.


The CMP Top 75 Brokers list is compiled according to individual brokers’ funded volumes for the 2011 financial year. All figures must be supplied by you, the broker/agent, via electronic survey.

Click here to make your submission.

Please break down your sales figures by the relevant network or lender. Also include their contact names and telephone numbers. CMP may then contact them to confirm your figures.

The names of all the CMP Top 75 Brokers will be published in CMP 7.7, and include profiles of some of those who made the list.


In addition to the CMP Top 75, this year marks the introduction of the Small Market Top 20, a list celebrating the accomplishments of mortgage professionals in markets with a 2011 average home price of $290,000 or less.

Note: the market must be a CREA-identified region, municipality or centre.

The Small Market Top 20 is open to all brokers and agents who did a minimum 80 per cent of their deals in such a market where the average home price is at or under $290K. Any broker who fits the bill is welcome to submit an application. Small Market brokers will automatically be considered for inclusion in the CMP Top 75.