Chinese connection to Vancouver housing

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A real estate company in Vancouver has provided a snapshot that much of the available data does not. Macdonald Realty says that more than a third of the buyers of single-family detached homes that it sold last year have a connection to mainland China. The company says that those purchasers paid more money for their homes too, paying over $2 million compared to the $1.4m average. Dan Scarrow from the company says that despite the large volumes of buyers and cash from China, he has not seen much evidence of the controversial practice of overseas investors buying, but not residing here. There are many realtors who are already, or are planning to, actively target overseas investors, especially the Chinese. Some have opened offices in China or undertake marketing initiatives to attract buyers from the country.

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  • Angela Wong-Liao - Invis Inc on 2014-08-22 10:20:01 AM

    Yes, in view of the closer distance between Vancouver and the east, Vancouver has always been very driven by the Chinese market, however, any political changes and new Chinese government measures can significantly affected Vancouver real estate market, ie: The 1997 Asia Crisis, Vancouver's real estate market plunged significantly at that time.

  • Victor Simone on 2014-08-22 5:18:22 PM

    One third of all sales come from China, and that seems low, in my opinion.

    I wonder what the sample is for those statistics, or if they're using Statistics Canada.;-)

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