Centum reaches out to O'Leary

Centum reaches out to O'Leary

Centum reaches out to O

At least one broker network has extended an olive branch to Kevin O’Leary, suggesting the Dragon's team has now accepted that overture of goodwill.

“It’s important that when a new player enters the industry, we engage in a meaningful discussion to see if a partnership now or in the future is viable,” Paul Therien, director of business development for Centum told MortgageBrokerNews.ca. “That’s what we have done with O’Leary Mortgages.”

The industry leader put in a call to O’Leary’s team Wednesday, resulting in cordial exchange with an exec focused on developing the mortgage venture.

Therien's move runs counter to the sentiment of many brokers, who welcomed news that the controversial venture capitalist had withdrawn from a speaking engagement for the upcoming CAAMP conference.

Earlier this week, Dominion Lending pulled its sponsorship of the O’Leary presentation, pointing to his mortgage business plans that could effectively see him act as a lender focused on a direct-to-consumer model.

He would, however, use a mortgage servicing company from within that broker industry.

Those well-developed plans suggest O’Leary erred in agreeing to take the speaking engagement.

"Kevin O'Leary was contracted last spring to speak at Mortgage Forum 2012 and recently announced the launch of O'Leary Mortgages," writes CAAMP in a release issued late Tuesday and following a MortgageBrokerNews.ca article outlining the depth of broker opposition to his planned appearance."It has been CAAMP's long standing policy that industry participants not be featured as keynote speakers. Kevin O'Leary is mindful of the situation and has withdrawn from participating in Mortgage Forum 2012."

Therien is hoping, at least, to keep the lines of communication open between Centum and O'Leary.


  • Betty Talbot 2012-11-23 5:43:15 AM
    Thumbs up to Paul Therien
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  • BC Broker 2012-11-23 6:26:22 AM
    This is a true example of leadership on Paul Therien's part. Someone who thinks beyond the now, beyond emotion, and considers the future of our industry. Well done Paul, and thanks for setting such a fine example for us all.
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  • Jennifer 2012-11-23 7:20:49 AM
    What a great leader! Makes me glad that I joined Centum
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