Canadians want a more equal society

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A survey by the Broadbent Institute shows that Canadians underestimate how much of the nation’s wealth the top 20 per cent control. Most of the 3,000 polled believe that the richest in the country control around 55 per cent of the wealth; StatsCan figures show it at around 67 per cent. Even at their lower estimate respondents say it’s too much and would like the figure to be around 30 per cent. They would also like the poorest in society to control double the amount they do currently (5.5 per cent) although the report notes that the wealth of the poorest is overshadowed by their debts. Read the full report.

  • Hal on 2014-12-18 1:23:20 PM

    This is a report from the Broadbent Institute. I would expect a report like this from the NDP king Ed Broadbent. The report makes it sound like there is a problem when someone works hard and gets rewarded for it.

    If the people who aren't in the top 20% want to be in the top 20%, there is no better country to do it in than Canada. Hard work and education will usually will do it.

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