Brokers turn top ranking into marketing muscle

Brokers turn top ranking into marketing muscle

It’s all well and good for to sing the praises of the CMP Top 75 Brokers list, but what do Canada’s top performers have to say?

We find out in this new series with leading brokers from last year's CMP Top 50. And find they're none to bashful about explaining why their ranking translates into more than a pat on the back.

Dustan Woodhouse, mortgage consultant, Dominion Lending Centres - Canadian Mortgage Experts in Anmore, B.C., is number 16 on last year’s list, originating $75.3 million. He tells his ranking is one more piece of the marketing puzzle.

How has being included on the CMP Top 50 Brokers list benefited you?

The ability to have that logo on business cards, on our website and on marketing material provides a certain degree of validation with clients but also with other professionals.

What made you submit to the list?

I was having a conversation with a realtor a day or two before submissions closed.  She said to me, ‘I’m in the medallion club what do you guys have?’ I thought ‘if I can demonstrate that we’re one of the top brokers in the country I would.’ I submitted us to the list that day.

How have you used it to market yourself?

As Canadian’s we don’t like to brag so I haven’t done much more than use the logo on our website and business cards. But the third party validation is a wonderful thing, it certainly makes the clients I have feel that much more comfortable. It’s one more piece of the puzzle.

Have you received any feedback?

The feedback I’ve had has only been of a positive nature.

There were some impressive numbers from brokers last year – what do you think those numbers say to consumers about the broker industry?

There’s a fine line there. If consumers see that number they may feel like their mortgage might be insignificant to you and you don’t want them feeling like that, but it’s a smaller concern when compared with the benefit of third party validation of your numbers.  You can say to clients I did 177 transactions, I know what I’m doing.


The CMP Top 75 Brokers list is compiled according to individual brokers’ funded volumes for the 2011 financial year. All figures must be supplied by you, the broker/agent, via electronic survey.

Click here to make your submission.

Please break down your sales figures by the relevant network or lender. Also include their contact names and telephone numbers. CMP may then contact them to confirm your figures.

The names of all the CMP Top 75 Brokers will be published in CMP 7.7, and include profiles of some of those who made the list.


In addition to the CMP Top 75, this year marks the introduction of the Small Market Top 20, a list celebrating the accomplishments of mortgage professionals in markets with a 2011 average home price of $290,000 or less.

Note: the market must be a CREA-identified region, municipality or centre.

The Small Market Top 20 is open to all brokers and agents who did a minimum 80 per cent of their deals in such a market where the average home price is at or under $290K. Any broker who fits the bill is welcome to submit an application. Small Market brokers will automatically be considered for inclusion in the CMP Top 75.

  • kokalowicz 2012-06-28 4:59:24 AM
    Interesting that the "REAL" top 50 brokers in the country do not even appear on this list. If they did many of the so called top 50 would'nt even be close...
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  • Dustan Woodhouse 2012-06-28 5:45:14 AM
    ...most days I know what I am doing anyways.
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