Brokers jockey to increase web presence

Brokers jockey to increase web presence

It`s 11 p.m. Do you know where your website is?

According to the leading online marketing specialist, brokers whose websites don`t come up on Page 1 of a search engine scan of their keywords are off the grid.

“It’s incredibly important to be on Page 1,” Ben Mofetta, co-founder of Core Marketing Strategies, told “The fact is 60 per cent of click-throughs go to the top three websites on a search engine search, and 99 per cent go to those on Page 1 of a search.

“If you’re on page 2 or beyond, you’re competing for 1 per cent of prospective clients using those search terms.”

That may be bad news for 99 per cent of mortgage brokers, who despite their own search engine optimization efforts haven’t yet been to make the Front Page for homebuyers searching the web and using the key words each broker has identified.

Even those who have made it to the top of the pack may find it difficult to stay there, said Mofetta, a marketing veteran and speaker at the IMBA conference last month.

”You constantly have to work at staying there,” he said. “But, you then become the target for other brokers who want to get high up on the first page, too.”

One B.C. broker alleges that he attracted some of that unwanted attention.

“It’s very frustrating and aggravating, and how I should go about taking care of this?” said Vancouver broker Mike Averbach, of Averbach Mortgages Averbach. “It’s infringing on my gains and my search engine marketing.”

Earlier this year, he found another brokerage had encoded his name on a blog webpage entirely unrelated to him or his brokerage. A Google search for his name yields a hit for that competitor’s site.

Averbach's competitor told that someone else constructed the webpage and was unaware of the tag.

Averbach had been using search engine optimization (SEO) since 2007 and regularly checks the company’s placement in organic search results by using the computers of friends. Those computers don’t have search histories that would influence results.

Averbach is concerned that another competitor may also be using his name to drum up Internet leads.
That second competitor's Google ad pops up with a search for “Mike Averbach.”

“People using my name to gain rankings in Google – what do you do about that?” he said.

  • Len Lane 2012-05-15 3:59:59 AM
    According to RECA in Alberta that is a violation of our license under the code of ethics.I believe they have one case where they have had a site taken down that used other brokerages names in their key words.
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