Brokers give gov't failing grade on mortgage policies: Poll

Brokers give gov't failing grade on mortgage policies: Poll

Brokers give gov

Despite the fact that the recent federal budget left mortgage regulations untouched, are brokers satisfied with how the government has handled the mortgage market?

This is just one of topics being covered by CMP’s annual Broker Sentiment Pol, proudly sponsored by Broker's Choice. With just one week left to complete the survey, brokers are already making some important statements with the poll.

When asked, “On a level from 1 to 10 (1 being the lowest) how do you feel the federal government is handling the issue of mortgage regulations?” nearly 60 per cent of respondents so far have given the feds and Jim Flaherty a rating of 5 or lower. There seems to be room for improvement.

The Sentiment Poll is also asking brokers whether the mortgage rule changes over the past three years had a positive or negative effect on their business. Currently 72 of those polled say the changes have had a negative effect.

Agree? Disagree? Add your voice to the debate by taking a few minutes to complete the survey by clicking here now.

This is the final preview of the Broker Sentiment Poll before it closes May 31. Next week, be sure to look for a round-up of the poll questions we’ve revealed so far. Will those results hold up when all the submissions have been tabulated?

The final results of the survey will be published in the July issue of CMP and you can see exactly what your colleagues in the industry are thinking and doing.

Sharing your views on broker business issues also comes with a thank you from CMP. You will be entered into a draw for a chance to win a BlackBerry Playbook just by completing the survey today.

Don’t let this opportunity to have your voice heard go by – Make a difference to your industry by filling out the survey TODAY.

  • Derek Rowley 2012-05-26 8:20:26 AM
    Just a personal opinion but let me answer thgis with another question?

    What is the difference between say the federal Government and a rattle snake????

    Answer = The rattler will at least give you are warning before it strikes.
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  • Broker, BC 2012-05-29 2:27:27 AM
    Ummm... am I the only broker in Canada that actually sees that the need to requalify at renewal actually opens doors to the broker community? Auto Renewals scoop a LOT of business from our channel.

    So yes, there may be issues on renewlas for some, but that some is going to be a very small percentage of the population.

    Why is CAAMP stating that the banks ability to auto renew is good for mortgage brokers? Is Jim Murphy for real? I have been in the business for 32 years, I am fortunate that most of my clients do come back to me at renewal time. When I am at CAAMP or MBABC however I listen to broker complain all the time that they are challenged to compete with the banks at renewal time.

    So who does CAAMP represent again? OH wait, sorry forgot... lenders.
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