Brokers following the lead of Realtors

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Believe it or not, brokers are increasingly following the lead of Realtors in the way they sell themselves, said a leading marketing specialist for both industries.


“It’s not about vanity, but it is all about personal promotion,” Bob Campbell, president of Colour Tech Marketing Inc. told, at this week’s CAAMP Mortgage Forum.


“More and more brokers and agents have realized that and they’re using the same strategies as Realtors.”


A key part of that marketing makeover are changes to the business cards brokers hand out to clients. Like Realtors, brokers are now pasting their faces on those calling cards, along with personal note cards and other promotional giveaways to clients and leads.


While 90 per cent of Colour Tech’s Realtors do the same, only 50 per cent of their mortgage professionals use photo business cards and other marketing material branded with their image.


Still, that represents a significant jump, moving brokers into second spot, just ahead of home inspectors, said Campbell, in the business for 20 years and a leader in the print industry’s realtor/broker vertical market.


“Agents have started to realist that a photo card helps to create rapport with clients in advance,” he said. “It helps to promote the mortgage professional as opposed to the company name.


That last point may be one of the main drivers of photo branding, as broker networks increasingly grapple with retention challenges.


By focusing the client’s attention on themselves and not their network affiliation, brokers are effectively increasing their mobility, say industry insiders. It’s the kind of independence many real estate agents have already secured for themselves.



  • Ingrid JOLT Marketing on 2011-11-24 5:46:08 AM

    The best results we've seen for our branding clients has been when they don't make it "me, me", but instead focus on their clients success in terms of saving money or other tangible benefits that clients want. I wouldn't suggest that any professional focus on themselves for branding, but instead how they are an Asset & Advocate on their clients behalf, with real #'s to back it up (ex. saved 200 clients over $100,000 in mortgage payments!)

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