Brokers edge out bankers for media spotlight

Brokers edge out bankers for media spotlight

Brokers edge out bankers for media spotlight

Brokers are increasingly finding themselves in front of TV cameras and quoted in the news – elbowing out bankers and economists in an effort to elevate their collective profile.

“It feels good to see another broker in the newspaper or on the evening news, being consulted as an expert on the mortgage and housing market,” said Marcus Tzaferis, an agent with the GTA-based MorCan Direct. “The more of a connection you as a broker can build with the media, the better off you are and the industry, as a whole.”

This week alone more than 10 mortgage brokers were quoted in dailies from The Globe and Mail to The Ottawa Citizen, effectively taking up space that would normally have gone to an economist or analyst from one of the Big Five.

Tzaferis was one of those spoilers. His own TV news appearances are the result of years of courting the media and building relationships with reporters, editors and TV news producers. The result has been a blitz of contributions to national news stories focused on the volatile housing market and mortgages, with Tzaferis also appearing on the CBC's The National.

Quantifying the leads each of those appearances creates is difficult for the growing number of industry professionals winning that media attention.

But, his own TV spots and clippings have “re-enforced the decision of prospective clients to contact him,” said Tzaferis, who quickly ditched the PR firm he initially turned to in order to win media coverage in favour of more organic introductions . “It adds to my legitimacy as a broker and does the same thing for the industry.”

  • James in Whitby 2012-05-01 7:31:03 AM
    A great special section appeared in the Toronto Star last week on Thursday featuring IMBA president Albert Collu, Durham Region broker, Marshall Spencer and one of his clients.

    Keep yourselves in front of the media as an independent source of information - the industry will benefit!
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