Broker to mono-lines: Don't surrender niche to bank

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A broker wants mono-lines to step up with a high-ratio subprime mortgage to challenge the market’s sole offering – the product of a bank, free to set its own rates.

“To increase competition and  bring rates and fees down on high ratio B lending, we really need one of the mono-lines to enter that end of the alternative sphere and challenge TD Financial Services,” Michael Di Stefano, agent and co-owner of Dominion Lending Centres BTB Mortgage Solutions, told “I think that could bring down the kind of rates we’re seeing on those loans by two to three points and also cut the fees.”

B clients relying on those kinds of loans need that relief. On average they pay TD seven per cent interest on those high-ratio loans plus an additional two to three per cent in fees. The rates skirt the lower end of those available through private lenders, but are well above those being offered by institutional alternative lenders on conventional mortgages. Their loan-to-value maximums usually stop at 80 per cent. Private lenders are also reticent to go as high as the 90 per cent some B borrowers need for new purchases and refinances.

TD is the exception to that rule, relying heavily on assessed property values to determine client suitability for the program. Those who qualify have used those loans as a stop-gap measure, allowing them time to rehabilitate credit over the course of terms as long as three years.

Di Stefano, whose Niagara Falls Brokerage has won praise for its contributions to community charities and service programs, worries they are paying too high a price for that assistance.

Any move on the part of mono-lines to enter that end of the alternative market would open it to the forces of fair market competition, he told, at the same time widen the opportunities for the increasing number of brokers working the alternative sphere.

  • AB Broker on 2011-11-12 3:47:10 AM

    I'm sure there are mono-lines interested in that particular segment of the market. However, I would think the reason why we don't see them in it, is most likely because there just is not the private investor funds required for such mortgages at rates and fees at or below what TD Finance is charging.

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