Broker network video goes viral

Broker network video goes viral

Mortgage Alliance’s marketing team may have a lot of reason to dance these days. A promotional video featuring exuberant borrowers busting a move in celebration of their mortgages has gone viral.

“It went way beyond our expectations,” said Louie Bettio, spokesperson for Mortgage Alliance. “The first two weeks the video was up on our site it got 200,000 hits, we’re now close to half a million hits and it isn’t even on YouTube.”

“AcciDances,” which was launched in February, has since been downloaded by many Mortgage Alliance brokers and passed on to their professional contacts and friends.

The video opens with a character identified as the company’s “Director of Apology” expressing his regret for the unfortunate results of the celebratory dances of grateful Mortgage Alliance customers.

What follows is a series of vignettes showcasing accident-prone clients and their dance moves.
AcciDances, says Bettio, is one example of how Mortgage Alliance is actively looking to leverage social media to drive client engagement.

“This is not about closing deals,” he said. “It’s more about providing clients with something to laugh about since mortgages can be such a stressful topic. We want people to like us.”

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube can be a very effective marketing tool for brokers. Some report that social media accounts for as much as 10 per cent of originations.