Broker maps out new lead gen strategy

Broker maps out new lead gen strategy

Broker maps out new lead gen strategy

A successful GTA broker has gone miles further in generating mortgage leads than the competition – becoming arguably the first to set up a call centre in India specifically focused on contacting 15,000 Canadians a day.

“It’s something I personally set up seven years ago,” Nirvina Shamshudin, with Verico Northwood Mortgage told brokers at the annual IMBA conference last week. “There are now 14 people dialing 15,000 people for me a day.”

The call centre is, in fact, Shamshudin’s, and those 14 employees – she started with seven – also hers. The workers make cold calls from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., using lists provided by their Canadian employer. They canvass prospective clients from across the country before passing them on to her, said Shamshudin. They do not arrange mortgages.

The daily calls volume generally results in as many as two to three funded deals, she told Shamshudin travels to India annually for in-person training in addition to the daily supervision she provides from her GTA office.

Shamshudin’s lead generating strategy is likely on the industry’s vanguard as more brokers look for new ways, outside of the web, to reach homebuyers as well as homeowners looking to refinance.

As it has for other industries, India is now attracting the attention of brokers looking to use its dedicated call centres to reach out to clients back here at home.

There are, in fact, two companies now mining that interest, although broker reviews have been mixed.

Shamshudin has opted to go it alone, rather than work in conjunction with another broker. But she was willing to help others explore their own options as conference-goers moved in to drill the panellist with questions at the close of her session.

  • Jim 2012-04-25 3:12:59 AM
    I love how people in this industry exaggerate! 14 People making 15,000 calls per day? Let’s do the math: 14 people x 8 hours per day = 112 total men hours per day. So that means each telemarketer will have to make 133 calls per hour to be able to do 5000 calls! Also the other issue is the fact these individuals soliciting mortgages in Canada from Overseas when they are not licensed in any of these provinces!
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  • Steve the broker 2012-04-25 4:06:59 AM
    Way to go Northwood Mortgage..? uh, no thank you... why not offer carpet cleaning services and a newspaper subscription while you're at it..
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  • Blair Anderson 2012-04-25 4:22:11 AM
    She suggested they are working 10 hours per day, so it's a little less onerous at 107 calls per hour?? That's an average of roughly 30 seconds per call. Not sure I like those numbers.
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