Broker honoured for work in the community

Broker honoured for work in the community


An Alberta broker has been honoured for his work helping low-income women improve their financial literacy skills.

Troy Tisserand, a Centum network member from Edmonton was recognized with a Man of Honour 2012 Award by CEASE, a not-for-profit organization that aims to end all sexual exploitation.

For decades Tisserand has been helping individuals with financial planning and debt restructuring. He has volunteered countless hours with the Alberta Asset Building Collaborative who puts on financial literacy courses for low-income women. Tisserand participates as a guest speaker, providing strategies on building credit and restructuring debt in the hopes of providing his students with the skills to manage money. His students are women who could be homeless, leaving domestic abuse, or trying to restart their life and his knowledge helps get them on track to building assets of their own.

"Financial literacy and debt management are very important for Canadians to understand, especially with the growing Canadian household debt," said Paul Therien, Director of Business Development at Centum Canada. "The time and effort Troy puts into educating low-income women is truly inspirational."

Aside from being a Centum network member, Tisserand is a managing partner with InSync Finance Group and a partner in 4 Pillars Consulting. Both organizations provide debt related financial services.

The Men of Honour Awards were established in 2006 to recognize the contributions of men who strengthen their world by fostering respect, creating healthy relationships, and creating positive opportunities for people.

  • Paul Therien, CENTUM 2012-05-25 6:06:59 AM
    Centum Financial Group is very proud to have one of our family have this recognition. We are strong supporters of literacy in Canada, and through the additional grass roots activities displayed here, we are truly touching the lives of Canadians. Well done Troy! You do us all proud.
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  • Dominion Broker, Vancouver 2012-05-29 2:53:18 AM
    This is really great, nice to hear some good news pieces in here instead of all the Doom and Gloom that seems to be the trend. Been paying attention to CENTUM lately... have to say, I am impressed.
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