Bob Ord takes the helm at Invis–Mortgage Intelligence

Bob Ord takes the helm at Invis–Mortgage Intelligence

Invis-Mortgage Intelligence announced today that industry veteran Bob Ord has been appointed CEO for the company.

“Bob Ord was a founder of Mortgage Intelligence; he is also an exceptional leader, and is arguably one of the most influential business builders in the industry,” said Cameron Strong, CFO and Chairman of the Board. “Bob is visionary and has helped shape the mortgage brokerage industry here in Canada.”

In selecting Ord to lead Invis-Mortgage Intelligence, the company cited a series of current and imminent challenges facing the industry, including impending changes from OSFI, the loss or repositioning of FirstLine and other lenders, the increase in branch mortgage sales forces, and lingering recessionary effects.

“Bob’s industry experience is virtually unparalleled,” said Strong. “We believe that the current shift in the industry is opening up new opportunities for Invis-Mortgage Intelligence. Bob Ord is the ideal individual to position the company for this exciting new future. His track record speaks for itself.”

Ord played an integral role in the success of a series of industry giants, including FirstLine Mortgages, Mortgage Centre Canada, Filogix Inc., Mortgage Intelligence and Mortgage Architects. During his tenure, those companies had record-setting levels of success. Ord joined Invis-Mortgage Intelligence in 2011 to create Title Mortgage Investment Corporation.

“It’s great to be back,” said Ord. “We had built Mortgage Intelligence and GMAC Residential Funding into the industry leader. I’ve always wanted to finish the job. Now, with stellar-reputation Invis, and in the current environment, I see so much opportunity ahead. Every new challenge is another chance to shape a better company, and a better industry.”

“I’m looking forward to streamlining the company and focusing on our unique selling propositions,” said Ord. “We believe that our innovative mortgage products will give our brokers the best lending toolbox in Canada. We remain deeply committed to supporting our key lender partners; we will continuously pursue excellent options and the best range of choice.”

“We are building a team of the best brokers in the industry,” said Ord, “We offer the strongest value proposition, providing proprietary access to innovative lenders, building our own one-of-a-kind solutions like we did with Partner Mortgage, and helping expand our brokers’ businesses with best-in-class insurance products like iprotect and home and auto referrals. We’ll become leaders in mortgage planning, and will support these top brokers with an experienced regional sales team, progressive splits, and the best CRM and marketing team anywhere. And we’re not a lock-in company, with 30-day contracts, it’s all about value and building a company that will take this industry to a new level,” said Ord. “That’s good for brokers, and it’s good for Canadian homeowners. I look forward to working with [Invis-Mortgage Intelligence president] Stan Falkowski, and can’t wait to get started!”

  • Joe 2012-06-02 5:53:02 AM
    It is very funny to see and hear the same lines from Bob Ord! He promised Mortgage planning to the brokers at Mortgage Architects 6 years ago and couldnt deliver it in 5 years! what bob is good for is "Lip Service" and "Spending Money"!
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  • Ontario Broker 2012-06-06 1:00:35 AM
    This hiring makes lots of sense for their marketing angle! "Be Bold" is now can be called "Be Old"!
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  • Paul Therien, CENTUM 2012-06-13 3:05:42 AM
    Congrats Bob, you are an innovator in this industry and I am sure you will do some amazing things for the company and in return for our whole industry.
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