Big brokerage makes private lending debut

Big brokerage makes private lending debut

One of the country’s largest brokerages is getting into the private lending game, just ahead of an expected bulge in business for that segment of this turbulent market.

"Advanced Private Lending deals directly with investors, borrowers, and in many instances, assists other mortgage agents and brokers from across Canada in funding their own financing deals, Michael Hapke, CEO of of Mortgage Brokers City and now the fledgling mortgage administration company. “Advanced Private Lending has also made it easy for agents and brokers to submit deals by listing its services under the D+H/ Expert System.”

The move may add to writing on the wall for brokers exclusively focused on A deals, with an increasing number already looking to incorporate some element of private lending into their business. It’s a hedge, of sorts, against a slowing prime market.

A “sister firm” to Mortgage Brokers Ottawa – the brokerage with the highest number of originators on last year’s CMP Top 50 – Advanced will likely draw most of its deals from its extensive team.
"With roughly a billion dollars in annual mortgage volume on the Mortgage Brokers City/Mortgage Brokers Ottawa side,” said Hapke, “an increased need for private mortgage financing has become a necessity."

Broker networks are moving in the same direction and for the same reasons. The prod, in many instances, have been tighter underwriting by the Big Six still using the broker channel as well as mono-lines and other A-lenders. Ottawa’s announcement it will reduce the maximum amortization to 25 years and cap insurance eligibility at home values of $1 million are also expected to challenge some broker clients.

Still, most of that business is likely to get sopped up by institutional alternative lenders such as Home Trust, although a switch to conventional A lending is also anticipated,

  • Derek Rowley 2012-06-30 5:07:30 AM
    God afternoon to all my fellow brokers and agents

    I would like to make a few comments on some of what I have just recently read in the June issue of CMP and I will start with page 17 unders Viewpoint.

    I have to agree with the comments from "BROKER" and what he or she says is completlkey true in that we each have a role to play and also about there are other things besides our commission income. What are our true prioroties? Is it making the big buck or is it helping our clients? If we focus on doing our best for the cleiunt we will not need to worry about the income as it will come automatically. I have seen brokers who live, breath and sleep mortgages and the almighty dollar and at the expense of their health, relationships, and always wanting more and more. Having the high-end car, the rolex, the mansion on the hill, trips tp Vegas and Mexico and thgen upon return having to work twice as hard to make up for your losses. And for what - 100 hours a week to endanger your health, physically and mentally. Then with all the fear mongoring going on adds more stress to an already stressful life. I seem to read more in the magazines on how to make more money and if your aren't in the topp 100 or whatever you're not as good as you should be. Let me ask all of you a question: "Have you ever seen a Brinks truck at a funeral"? Obviously the point here is clear. For those of you who are the best of the best, I applaud you and wish you continued success, but allow me to share something personal with you since being a mortgage agent for going on 13 years. I also did the 100 hours a week and made many and mahjor sacrifices and here is what it got me and please, do not for a moment thing it coyld not happen to you.

    In 13 years, 2 massive heart attacks, followed by 3 nagiograms and 3 angioplasty's (Coronary stent implants) followed by an emergency triple by-pass and also ad Type 2 Diabetes and insulin dependent. To top it off, 15 months ago I suffered a major and I do mean major breakdown and it was not nice to say the least. Instead of controlling the business I allowed the business to control me. I should have piut the brakes on a long time ago but nope, had to wortk more and more to make more and more and all my efforts for wantong more money (really was greed) damn near cost me my life (Cardiac arrest 5 time with my first heart attack). Since then, and especially wth my break down I have made major major changes to how I do busness and here is the magical key - "SLOW DOWN". Spend more times with family and friends and adjust your life style accordingly. What good is mang a milluon bucks or whatever if your doctor tells you that you have less than 6 months to live.

    I am not making near what I use to but I am much happier that I have been given another chance at life and this time I am listening. You are no good to your family laying in an under grounf condo.

    If most of us were to take the attitude of Angela Wong Liao of Invis and notlet things bother us like what has been happening lately, we would probably loose 50% of our stress. This lady is a ball of energy and it would appear that every day she wakes up with a big smile on her face and in her heart.

    So don't focus on all this fear mongoring focus on doing what is best for you that will enabke you to continue to be an ambassador not only to the comoany you represent, but to the clients you represent. These challenges are like life itself in that we are only here like a wisp of smoke so make the best of what you still have. Move forward with what you have and in time you will have more. Remember, there is only one of you and to those who know and love you, you are special.

    May all continue to be successful and in closing this is Canada nd it will soon be Canada Day so be thankful for the awesome country we live in, for our freddom and for our freedom of choice.

    Happy Canada Day to all.


    Derek Rowley
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  • Steve 2012-06-30 9:35:53 PM
    Well said Derek. It's easy to lose sight of what's really important in life and to let work take over. Making more and more money becomes like a drug and eventually it takes over. Make enough to be happy but never let it effect your relationships and your health. It's just not worth it.

    Happy Canada Day.
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  • DKA 2012-07-04 5:08:20 AM
    Derek, you completely correct. To many agents lose sight and get clouded by greed. I'm a newer broker agent ... Just under 3 years, and will take your advice and wisdom to heart.
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