Banks' Beacon system produces higher scores?

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Brokers are hungry for a credit rating system that many banks use and where Beacon scores appear to be trending higher.

“(That) would gives an advantage to those brokers who can use it because they get higher basis points,” Kuljit Singh of Mortgage Alliance told “They are getting paid more.”

While Beacon 4 is industry standard for the broker channel, Beacon 9 is an updated system that includes such features as payment histories on mortgages as well as treating HELOCs as secured loans. Currently, that scoring system is furnishing a bump-up in Beacon scores for clients over the older system, argue some industry insiders, referring to a recent Equifax presentation.

Brokers are increasingly looking to win any and every possible advantage for their clients in an era of tightening mortgage underwriting, so the appeal of a credit rating system that better reflects a client’s solid mortgage repayment history is welcomed.

That could accrue to the benefit of any online application platform able to offer the Beacon 9 system.

“We should have the opportunity to use it if you want to,” Singh said.

The introduction of Beacon 9 could further heat up competition between MorWeb and industry leader Expert, by D+H, as Marlborough Stirling gains greater reach with some broker lenders.

  • Bob on 2013-09-24 11:38:20 AM

    MorWEB also has access to ScoreMaker that can analize the bureau to educate and make recommendations that will help increase a clients future score so they will have a better chance of obtaining higher score to help qualify for a mortgage.

  • Diane on 2013-09-24 11:48:19 AM

    Wow, that is great! I hope all older systems upgrade to MorWEB!

  • Bob on 2013-09-24 11:53:26 AM

    You mean D&H Expert users transition over to MorWEB? This functionality has been available to MorWEB users for over two years now...

  • Okanagan Broker on 2013-09-24 11:59:53 AM

    I piloted Morweb years ago and can tell you it was so far ahead of Expert at the time it wasn't even funny...It is a client based system, NOT a deal based system, so updating client information was independant of any deal you were working on...Unfortunately without lender support I had to remain with Filogix Expert...
    Nice to see Morweb back, but I don't agree with lenders paying brokers more depending on the loan system we use...I use Expert because that was what the lenders used...And I will gladly reconsider Morweb once all lenders accept applicastions via Morweb...

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