B.C. broker back for second season of Oprah reality show

B.C. broker back for second season of Oprah reality show

B.C. broker back for second season of Oprah reality show

Lightening rarely strikes twice, unless you’re Vancouver mortgage broker Jessi Johnson, now invited back for the second season of an Oprah Winfrey reality show.

“Season 2 of the reality show, Million Dollar Neighbourhood, will be filming soon and they invited us to be in it again,” said Johnson, owner of the Verico Jessi Johnson Mortgage Team. “I will be flying to Toronto in two weeks to begin filming Season 2.

“We started working with families already and I am very excited.”

Last year, Force Four Entertainment recruited a team of mortgage brokers, along with financial planning and tax experts, to appear in a new reality show airing on Oprah’s OWN network.

Season 1 of Million Dollar Neighbourhood focused on the B.C. community of Aldergrove and how that expert advice helped residents increase their net worth and lighten their growing debt burden. The goal was to help 100 families in the community realize a collective savings of $1 million in 10 weeks.

Preparations are now underway for the second instalment of the show.

”Season 2 will be filmed in Bowmanville, Ont., and it is expected to hit TV screens by January 2013, with North American syndication for a second year,” said Johnson.

In Season 1, he was leader of a team that helped residents save money on their mortgages through restructuring their existing loans to get lower rates and to consolidate their debts. The show also talked to viewers about the benefits of renewing mortgages early to save money and how to make the most of annual lump-sum payment privileges.

A mortgage professional known for his savvy use of multimedia Johnson said his appearance on the first season show brought him a bonanza of free publicity and exposure, although didn’t exactly earn him a windfall of business leads.

“Because it had Oprah involved I was kind of thinking we would have hundreds of people knocking at our doors when the show aired. That didn’t happen,” said Johnson. “However the 35 minutes or so of air time I got was priceless.”

His brief TV appearance and the association with Oprah Winfrey boosted his recognition factor and reputation, according to Johnson.

“People recognize you when they see you on TV and they know they can trust you when you’re featured in an Oprah show,” he said.