A business card that saves your client money?

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In a marketing initiative likely to garner the interest of cost-conscious clients, Mortgage Alliance has now partnered with Petro Canada for the launch of its Mortgage Alliance Fuel Savings business card this week.

“It provides our brokers an exclusive opportunity to give their best referral sources recognition; when you pay this forward, it is true added value,” Louie Bettio, Mortgage Alliance’s brand champion told MortgageBrokerNews.ca. “The research has shown it is one of the highest valued gift cards you can receive.”

It functions as a traditional business card does: It’s a branded reminder for the customer to carry around. It features the name of the broker, the name of the brokerage and, most importantly, from a marketing standpoint, it saves the customer money, points of MAC. It isn’t the sort of business card likely to get tossed.

“People line up at the pumps to save two or three cents per litre, these cards will enable the client to save five or ten cents per litre” said Bettio. “It’s one of the highest perceived value gift cards you can get. In addition, customers will see our Mortgage Alliance professionals’ logos every time they open their purse or wallet.

“The coveted ‘share of wallet’ space is one of the most difficult to achieve…and this Fuel Savings card will do just that,” he added. “This program offers the user fuel savings per litre versus a debt‐based credit card and the positive effects go a lot further than, for example, a credit card, which burdens the client with outrageous interest rates and debt.”

With more than 1,500 Petro Canada locations to choose from, Mortgage Alliance appears to be betting that the cards will prove to be an effective differentiator, encouraging potential customers to turn to their members for all their mortgage lending needs.

  • Tim L. Walker on 2013-10-03 11:10:45 AM

    This isn't a Mortgage Alliance exclusive - Verico has had this for a while as well.

  • Hensey Khan on 2013-10-03 1:58:39 PM

    Wonderful idea indeed.

  • Ginger Mortgage Gal on 2013-10-04 11:41:32 AM

    What a fab idea!...no stupid credit card interest rate and makes clients feel like a million. That's business card that won't end up in trash. Nice move MAC.

  • Lori Jj on 2013-10-24 6:29:04 PM

    An incredible idea, looking forward for it to come soon out.

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