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  • Nova Scotia companies to offer job loss mortgage insurance

    Canadian home buyers can opt for a little peace of mind with the introduction of job loss insurance coverage on mortgages by the Nova Scotia companies Fraser & Hoyt Benefits and Propel Insure.

  • U.S. could learn from Canada's mortgage market, blogs WSJ

    The superior practices of Canada's mortgage market should be imitated by the U.S., blogged Wall Street Journal mortgage and real estate reporter James R. Hagerty. At a U.S. housing-policy conference this week, Bank of Canada researcher Virginie Tract received "one of the biggest rounds of applause" by simply describing how the Canadian mortgage market works. She, however, declined to say if Canada does have a better system than the U.S, wrote Hagerty.

  • Wells Fargo closing Canadian outlets

    Wells Fargo & Co. is closing its Canadian outlets and will cease making customer loans, reported the Financial Post this morning.

  • Stoddart: Mortgage brokers need to improve customer security

    Several mortgage brokerages need to better secure their customers' personal information from theft, Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart said yesterday in a report.

  • CREA revises 2010 forecast

    Canadian resale home prices will be lower than previously predicted, according to revisions made by CREA to its 2010 forecast, due in large part to B.C. sales.

  • Canada's big five banks post profits

    Canada's five biggest banks showed steady profit growth in the second quarter of 2010, to a total of $5.01 billion collectively. The latest quarterly roundup fell slightly short of the $5.09 billion the group made during the first quarter of the year when growth was starting to regain momentum on fewer bad loans and some pickup in mortgages.

  • Canada's banking system healthiest in the world

    Canada's banking system is a model for the United States and European countries struggling to cope with mountains of debt accumulated through a series of market crises, massive bailouts and recession according to a report in the Washington Post this morning.

  • Canadians still pursuing recreational property as second homes

    Despite the fact that a second home requires a higher down payment, almost half of Canadians are still considering buying a recreational property according to a nationwide survey of Canadian attitudes towards recreational property ownership conducted by Angus Reid and commissioned by Royal LePage Real Estate Services.

  • $225 million to build social housing in BC

    The British Columbian provincial government, in conjunction with a private foundation, will provide $225 million to build eight social housing sites

  • Canadian home prices up

    Owning a home in Canada, except in Alberta, has become even more expensive, according to the latest housing report just release by RBC Economics Research.