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  • RBC poll shows Canadians growing interest in combination mortgages

    Combination mortgages are rising in popularity among Canadians, with 40 per cent of those polled in RBC's 17th Annual Homeowners Survey saying if they were to purchase a home within the next couple of years, they would plan on taking out a combination mortgage, higher than the 32 per cent in 2009 who opted for combination mortgages.

  • April home sales takes dip

    Although April was the busiest month on record for Canadian real estate agents, listing almost 100,000 homes, sale numbers continued to dip with buyers stepping away from an increasingly expensive market

  • Criminal charges pending in BMO fraud case

    The RCMP are sifting through thousands of pages of documents to decide whether to pursue criminal charges in what is being touted as Canada's largest mortgage fraud case ever.

  • It's Time to Lock In

    With people banking on the main interest rate going up in June, it seems like a good time to for homeowners to lock in their fixed-rate mortgages.

  • New Addition to Mortgage Alliance Franchise

    A new franchise, specializing in commercial mortgages, has been awarded to Murray Wood, Michel Durand, Mike Shamber and Brennan Wood who will now be known as Mortgage Alliance, Commercial Canada.

  • Alberta MP added to BMO lawsuit list

    Among the hundreds of Albertans accused in BMO's alleged mortgage fraud, the bank is now adding Calgary Conservative MP, Devinder Shory, to its hot list, according to a CBC report stating that 'Shory, a lawyer, executed legal transactions that misrepresented the true mortgage owner of at least five Calgary properties.'

  • BMO files huge fraud lawsuit

    BMO has filed a lawsuit alleging hundreds of Albertans conned them out of as much as $30 million, CBC reports.

  • 2010 CMHC Mortgage Consumer Survey

    Earlier this year, CMHC conducted an online survey of over 2,500 recent mortgage consumers and the results were surprising.

  • GDP Declines across Canada in 2009

    Canada's GDP declined by 2.9 per cent nationally in 2009 after an increase of 0.6 per cent increase in 2008 according to a Statistics Canada report.

  • CMHC poll suggests majority of homeowners believe they will pay loans off early

    A recent online survey conducted by CMHC shows that 81 per cent of recent homeowners in Canada are comfortable with their current level of mortgage debt.