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  • First National suffers originations decline.

    First National’s latest quarterly results are confirming what brokers across the country already know, with the major mono-line reporting a 6 per cent decline in mortgage originations from the year-ago period.

  • Gary Mauris named finalist for entrepreneur award

    Dominion Lending Centres President Gary Mauris has been named a Pacific finalist for Ernst & Young’s coveted entrepreneurial award -- an acknowledgement of the company’s growth strategy and his ability to activate it.

  • Brokers lead rent-to-own lender to 400% gain in funded volume

    A private lender offering a lease-to-own model is reporting a 400-per-cent increase in “refi buy-backs” this year over last as more and more brokers send business its way and more and more Canadian families hit an economic rough patch.

  • Brokers: Lenders turning their back on 'grow-op' properties

    As few as one or two broker channel lenders are now willing to write mortgages on the growing number of Ontario properties once home to grow-op and meth lab operations, said a broker skilled in moving those complex deals to funding.

  • Sale of broker book marks industry maturity

    The transfer of an established portfolio from one broker to another is offering encouragement to industry veterans convinced years of service to the client have a significant and very tangible value.

  • And the Top 10 brokers are...

    The top 10 brokers on this year’s CMP Top 50 Brokers list, really upped their game in 2010. Nine of them topped the $100-million mark, with the top three going over $200 million, including the No. 1 broker...

  • Gord Pipkey: a profile in success

    Most people would expect that a broker who does more than $260 million in volume in one year wouldn’t have much of a social life and perhaps would be in danger of burning out, but that’s surprisingly not the case for Gord Pipkey, this year’s No. 1 on the Top 50 Broker list.

  • Bozic: brokers need to embrace creditor insurance

    As brokers clamour for more ancillary products from channel lenders, Boris Bozic is suggesting they’ve largely failed to capitalize on one available to them for more than a decade: creditor insurance.

  • Williamson: Brokers beware of disintermediation

    Macquarie and Concentra may only have been the first, with broker trainer Greg Williamson identifying “disintermediation” as a growing industry trend. In common parlance that means lenders are looking for ways to cut out the middleman and beat a direct path to the customer.

  • CMP Top 50 Brokers list announced

    2010 was a good year for Canadian mortgage professionals. Just check the numbers.