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  • Brokers interest grows in CIBC class action

    Brokers may be no less interested than their clients in a class action filing against CIBC given a growing number of inquiries ahead of the bank's deadline to respond.

  • Market slumps in December

    There’s yet more indication brokers will see a quiet winter, with national home sales slipping 17 per cent in December from a very active year ago.

  • Brokers meet your new clients

    Brokers may want to follow the lead of this Alberta veteran. He’s increasingly working for Realtors to create the kind of vendor-finance deals that win buyers time to quality for traditional mortgages, while helping sellers with tougher-to-sell properties.

  • Broker network and rate site expand online client base

    That partnership with Invis/MI and rate site Kanetix is now being expanded to Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, after a fall launch in Ontario that captured broker attention both in and outside the organization.

  • Stymied switches prompt new game plan

    A slowing market will grow the number of trailer fee transactions as brokers confront a spike in rock-bottom renewal rates – an effort on the part of some lenders to block switches, they charge.

  • More competition for brokers ... in Alberta

    Brokers in Alberta will likely continue to feel the pressure of in-migration – not from the thousands of workers expected to move there this year, but from the out-of-province mortgage professionals looking to follow their lead.

  • Market perceptions weigh heavy on brokers

    The perception that now’s just not the time to buy – regardless of low interest rates – may be the biggest hurdle facing brokers this year, suggests new market research.

  • AMP satisfaction leads the pack, says survey

    It's usually the most hotly debated finding in CAAMP's annual survey, but that research is once again suggesting consumer satisfaction with AMP-arranged mortgages is higher than the rest.

  • Broker: Time to take on an apprentice

    It's an idea whose time has come, says one broker, recommending the kind of one-year apprenticeship he already offers new agents -- tapping not only his experience but his commission.

  • Tough times ahead, even for RBC

    It may be cold comfort for brokers, but for what it's worth, RBC says its days of double-digit growth in mortgage originations are gone - at least for 2013.