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  • Bond yield poised to end rate wars

    There’s growing consensus the global economy and its effect on bond yields will put an end to the latest rate war – even before it really kicks in.

  • Brokers fear lender's ultimate departure

    They may be jumping the gun, but some brokers are suggesting if ING Direct Canada is sold off, its buyer will move to take it and its extensive broker-client book out of the channel.

  • Decade long slowdown for brokers: report

    A new bank report is suggesting mortgage brokers may be in for an extended slowdown in the real estate market.

  • Brokers fret about possible ING sale

    Mortgage brokers are worried that one of Canada’s big five banks might snap up ING Direct – its parent company now announcing the review of “strategic options” to sell the broker channel lender.

  • Torstar joins rate-site business

    The country’s largest newspaper publisher is taking on RateSupermarket and other online lead generators, launching its own rate comparison site, largely based on broker buy-downs.

  • T.O. first-time buyers leave the building

    A 10 per cent slip in Toronto condo sales forced an overall decline of 1.5 per cent in Canada’s most buoyant market last month, according to the city's real estate board.

  • ING contemplating Canadian exit strategy

    Struggling to stay in the black amid bad loans and declining margins, Netherlands-based ING says it is considering selling off its very successful Canadian operation.

  • Broker: Insurer biased toward branches

    Are mortgage insurers playing favourites? Yes, they are, according to some mortgage brokers arguing that preferential treatment is increasingly extended to the banks – and at the expense of broker reputations.

  • Flaherty: No more rule changes ...

    Phew? Brokers heard it just before Jim Flaherty moved to change the mortgage rules, but the finance head is once again suggesting no more tinkering is on the agenda.

  • Gold boom dulls market for brokers

    Northern Ontario’s booming mining industry is in many cases hampering business for mortgage brokers, forced to focus on refis as a scarcity of houses and startling price gains reduce the number of new purchases.