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  • B2B switches up successful HELOC

    B2B Bank is the latest lender to drop the LTV ceiling on its HELOCs in keeping with OSFI guidelines, but the lender has left the door open for brokers seeking up to 80 per cent LTV for their clients.

  • This is not your father's ...

    This is not your father’s Lendwise.The re-purposed lender – now focused on full, upfront compensation for brokers – is further opening Merix’s doors to mortgage professionals who’d otherwise have taken deals to competitors, one company exec told

  • Variable rates get their sexy back

    Reports of the demise of variable rates appear to have been greatly exaggerated.

  • Calgary lures brokers

    Early signs Calgary will continue to lead the national pack in home sales activity is poised to reignite broker interest in that market.

  • Switching FirstLine clients given run-around

    Brokers are worried that their FirstLine clients may be getting the run-around when they attempt to switch to any lender other than CIBC.

  • Broker gets 3 years for fraud

    The Fredericton Provincial Court has now sentenced a New Brunswick mortgage broker to three years in prison for mortgage fraud.

  • CMHC: Brokers grow market share

    Ah, progress. Mortgage brokers grabbed a bigger share of the overall pie this year, according to the CMHC’s annual consumer market report.

  • Association beefs up membership

    The country’s newest mortgage broker association has spent its first few weeks beefing up membership rolls, setting an ambitious target for its fast approaching first quarter.

  • Broker points new way to new construction buyers

    Brokers looking for an in with clients “buying off the plan” should bypass the developer’s office and head straight to online homebuyer forums, said an Ottawa mortgage professional successfully using that detour.

  • Network head proposes recruitment code of conduct

    Some might call it a “poaching proclamation,” but the head of a national broker network is proposing a code of conduct dictating the way brokerages recruit professionals at other firms.