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  • Former prez lands new post

    Dan Putnam -- president of the retired brand – has found a new challenge, heading a startup residential division for one of Canada’s leading commercial players.

  • Market distorts broker 'seasons'

    The current housing market has thrown the longstanding broker calendar out of whack, charge mortgage professionals grappling with the disruption.

  • Bad policies grow for CMHC

    CMHC's bottom line is showing the effects of an uncertain economy, with Q2 profit taking a corresponding beating.

  • Rock-bottom rates bite into BMO profits

    BMO road reps may have been too aggressive in bringing in new mortgages during the last quarter, with the bank’s latest financial report pointing to increasingly tight interest margins which squeezed profit.

  • Scotiabank financials reveal condo exposure

    By the end of July, Scotiabank held $14 billion in condominium mortgages – half of that in the market economists most fear will suffer a correction.

  • Banks calling truce on rate war, say analysts

    Analysts are suggesting brokers will see little in the way of a rate war for the rest of 2012 as the big banks look to protect interest margins in a slowing market.

  • Brokers face tougher sell with eroding affordability

    Mortgage brokers may have to work harder in the next few months to protect volumes, with a new RBC report pointing to the continuing erosion of housing affordability.

  • Turnaround times worry brokers

    CMP’s upcoming Brokers on Lenders survey should highlight the growing concern brokers have about turnaround times, as they fight to retain a dwindling number of deals.

  • Credit unions excite brokers and ...

    Canadians are once again ranking credit unions as first in customer service, even as brokers anticipate new legislation will draw them deeper into the channel.

  • Craziest’ things any broker has done for a deal

    From offering to fill a client’s fridge with $1,000 of beer to promises of a romantic “date” with a seller, a new survey suggests Realtors are resorting to all sorts of weird ploys to seal a deal in this tight market.