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  • Flaherty 'happy' about slowing market

    Jim Flaherty’s reaction to a cooling real estate market may be the polar opposite of most brokers, with the finance head suggesting he’s “happy” about the slowdown.

  • CAAMP returns to Ottawa for talks

    CAAMP leadership will be talking to bureaucrats and politicians in Ottawa early next week in yet another effort to raise the red flag on tighter mortgage and lending regimes.

  • Brokers turn to buydowns in slow market

    One broker is getting candid about rate buy downs, offering 2.89 per cent on five-year fixed to any client who qualifies and arguing a slowing market has mandated the move.

  • Mortgage industry headed for national licensing: broker

    A seasoned broker foresees and, indeed, welcomes the mortgage industry’s move towards a national licensing regime, pointing to the development of a regulatory council.

  • Bank rate decision may slow switches

    A decision Tuesday to keep the Bank of Canada’s overnight rate steady – something expected to hold for all of 2013 – will likely slow switches for brokers.

  • Web, social media help power Centum’s growth

    An aggressive online and social media strategy has helped Centum post a volume growth of 13.3 per cent in 2012 despite a challenging economic and lending environment.

  • Revamped mortgage rules sent high-ratio refis reeling - CMHC

    The new lending rules have all but done away with high-ratio refis, the CMHC reports, confirming what many brokers have been saying for several months now.

  • RMG ad promotes brokers

    RMG Mortgages is another lender stepping to the plate to help promote brokers, placing an ad hawking the benefits of their expert advice in a leading newspaper.

  • Nominations open for CMA 2013

    Nominations have started pouring in this week for the 2013 Canadian Mortgage Awards, which are primed to surpass previous celebrations with newly invigorated categories.

  • Mauris spearheads anti-bullying program

    Police in Port Coquitlam will soon have new powers to deal with bullies, thanks to a program spearheaded by Dominion Lending Centres president Gary Mauris and the city’s mayor, creating B.C.’s first anti-bullying bylaw.