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  • Brokers cautioned on private lenders

    One broker is cautioning colleagues on private lenders, which are gaining popularity among borrowers shut out from banks by the new mortgage rules.

  • B-20 makes brokers ‘sexy’

    B-20 formally came into full-effect this week, but some mortgage brokers report they have learned to live with the stricter underwriting guidelines from OSFI months ago and have even put a positive spin on it.

  • Why Vancouver brokers struggle to grow immigrant client numbers

    Vancouver mortgage brokers who focus on immigrant buyers may disagree, but a recent survey by Angus Reid suggests two things are limiting their revenue horizons: prices and perceived West Coast aloofness.

  • Instructor calls for course overhaul under CAAMP

    A former instructor of Ontario’s mortgage broker course hopes the program – now to be delivered by CAAMP -- will feature revised course content rather than a rehash of what had been offered to agents in the past.

  • Xceed Halloween treat for brokers

    It’s a treat, not a trick as Xceed Mortgage extends for two more months the bonus commission promo on one of its five-year mortgage product.

  • Brokers to Flaherty: What more do you want?

    Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s comments that the full impact of the government’s mortgage rule changes “have yet to be felt,” have some brokers scratching their heads.

  • Brokers breathe sigh of relief with market projection

    Brokers may have finally seen the worst of any slowdown in business, with CMHC projecting existing home sales will hold steady, even as new building starts drop off.CMHC is offering brokers an even more modest projection on homebuying demand for early 2013, courtesy of a new quarterly report.

  • ING’s trick or treat?

    Depending on whom you ask, ING’s new volume pooling rules – all but identical to Scotia’s – may be a trick or a treat.

  • Manulife reassures brokers on poaching issue

    Officials at the centre of Manulife’s purchase of Benesure and its MPP brand say the mortgage originator has no intention of poaching broker clients.

  • Standardized broker practices, education eyed by regulators’ council

    The Mortgage Broker Regulators' Council of Canada (MBRCC) has put country-wide industry-practice and broker-education standards on the top of its agenda, but the intricacies of a professional designation that addresses the long-simmering broker-bank rep issue will have to be tackled on a province-by-province basis.