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  • Broker Sentiment Poll pointing to chief culprit

    The earliest of early poll results are in, and broker sentiment can best be described as disgruntled, but hopeful.

  • Rent-to-own site skirts around broker regulations

    A handful of con artists misusing the rent-to-own model are increasingly running afoul of provincial mortgage broker legislation, claiming they can arrange home loans without broker accreditation.

  • Alternative lender sells division to focus on mortgages

    Alternative lender Equity Financial is selling its transfer agent business in an effort to deepen its pockets and better focus on a rapidly growing retail mortgage operation.

  • Brave brokers enter the Dragons' Den

    Dragons’ Den on CBC will welcome DLC’s Jay Seabrook and Kevin Cochran this Sunday, pitching their already successful EnRICHed Academy tutorial package.

  • Brokers bristle at rate hike talk

    An interest rate hike hinted at by the Bank of Canada to combat personal debt and an overheated housing market would hurt, not help, the economy, a leading broker told

  • MBN article hits broker sore spot

    Ouch! A article profiling Realtors who expect to be paid for the referrals they send brokers hit a sore spot with readers Monday.

  • Realtors: Broker-paid referrals 'appropriate'

    Objections aside, paid referral fees are nothing but quid pro quo for business passed along to mortgage brokers, argue Realtors.

  • Street Capital sweetens stated-income program

    Street Capital’s revamp of its stated-income program to eliminate a rate surcharge, accept commission income as employment type and include all the features and flexibility of its regular mortgages is being welcomed by brokers looking to satisfy BFS clients.

  • Mortgage specialists push into broker channel

    The push to "unionize" mortgage specialists in one of the country’s largest markets is fueling a migration to brokering, according to one industry vet, identifying commission cuts as the driving force behind the defections.

  • New lender launches this month

    When CMLS launches its single-family residential lending division at the end of the month, it will have what CEO Chris Brossard calls “a national reach from a regional perspective.”