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  • New thinking needed, broker tells Summit

    Broker-run rate sites and better branding were just two suggestions the closing speaker at last week’s Mortgage Summit had for brokers looking to add value in an increasingly competitive market.

  • CMA winner offers crucial advice to new brokers

    Lifetime Achievement award-winner at this year’s CMAs has one piece of advice for new agents or anyone else looking to tap into his experience.

  • CMA winners defy rough market

    The 8th-annual CMP Canadian Mortgage Awards went off with a bang at Toronto’s Liberty Grand Friday with over 600 attendees recognizing industry players who’ve soared above a turbulent real estate market

  • Channel launches new product at Mortgage Summit

    One creditor insurance provider is calling your bluff, using this week’s Mortgage Summit to launch a term-life alternative to its traditional offerings – a new product focused on paid referrals and helping brokers retain “ownership of the client."

  • The medium is the message at today's Mortgage Summit

    The opening keynote message for brokers at today’s Mortgage Summit was the need to balance creativity, technology and profit to define success.

  • Does dog poo sell mortgages?

    Brokers, you'll like this one: Apparently, RBC isn't the only lender on the hot seat these days, with an Australian bank now being pilloried for airing a TV commercial showing a dog doing his business -- all in an attempt to sell mortgages.

  • Does dog poo sell mortgages?

    RBC may have met its match in an Australian bank, pilloried for running a commercial showing a dog defecating gold bars as a metaphor for its successful mortgage products.

  • Trithart's journey began as a teller

    MortgageBrokerNews is continuing its series of features on the finalists for Broker of the Year in both categories -- the under 25 employees and the 25 and over. This year’s group is the most diverse, spanning the country. Winners in both categories will be named at the Canadian Mortgage Awards Friday at the Liberty Grand in Toronto.

  • Star story still holds value, says Babber

    A controversial Toronto Star article showcasing broker know-how still hold value, say the broker at the centre of the conflict, suggesting clients will look past the corrections and clarifications to see the value in choosing a mortgage broker.

  • CMHC report shows loss of bulk insurance business

    CMHC’s bulk insurance fund stood at a virtual standstill last year as the government clawed back on lender access to that portfolio insurance, making it harder for brokers to secure financing for clients.