• Advocates of 100% commissions answer back by Vernon Clement Jones | 19 Apr 2012

    The tides have turned in the direction of 100 per cent commissions for agents, and the only thing brokers can do is go with the flow, argues one team leader, pointing to the success of his own flat-fee model in winning back associates. read more

  • Commission splits challenging industry's future by Vernon Clement Jones | 18 Apr 2012

    Brokers with decades of experience at both large and small networks are sounding the alarm about an industry shift in commission splits – a trend with short-term benefits for some individuals, but long-term consequences for the profession. read more

  • New association helps win tighter regulations by Vernon Clement Jones | 18 Apr 2012

    Execs at the country’s newest mortgage broker association may want to take a bow, having helped sell another province on the need to “professionalize” its mortgage brokers. read more

  • Toronto housing market continues to tighten by | 18 Apr 2012

    With sales continuing to rise in the Greater Toronto Area and listings falling behind, the market in Canada’s largest city continues to tighten, driving prices upward, according the city’s real estate board. read more

  • Broker: Time to talk advance fees by Vernon Clement Jones | 17 Apr 2012

    A leading Ontario veteran is calling on the provincial regulator to level a very lopsided playing field by allowing brokers to charge upfront fees on deals falling short of the current $300,000 threshold. read more

  • BoC holding pattern pleases brokers by Vernon Clement Jones | 17 Apr 2012

    A domestic economy regaining ground alongside its U.S. counterpart wasn’t enough stimulus for the Bank of Canada to increase its key overnight rate Tuesday, with the growing threat of global oil prices and uncertainty in Europe encouraging it to maintain the status quo. read more

  • Broker Sentiment Poll: Share your views by | 16 Apr 2012

    Tell CMP what the future holds for the Canadian mortgage brokering industry and earn a chance to win a BlackBerry Playbook. read more

  • Did 4-year mortgages lead brokers astray? by Vernon Clement Jones | 16 Apr 2012

    A Toronto broker is questioning if the industry’s wholesale shift to the four-year term last month – a defense against that extraordinary BMO offer –best served their clients. read more

  • Home prices fall, but sales up in March: CREA by | 16 Apr 2012

    Despite a small drop in home prices, March was the busiest sales month in nearly two years, according to the Canadian Real Estate Association. read more

  • Special rate puts brokers on the horns of a dilemma by Vernon Clement Jones | 13 Apr 2012

    Some brokers critical of BMO’s low-rate no-frills mortgage may be forced to rethink that position, with one channel lender offering a similar trade-off, albeit with a longer amortization. read more