• National vacancy rate falls by | 13 Dec 2011

    CMHC linked rising youth employment and a lower supply of new apartments as the cause for a drop in the country’s vacancy rate. read more

  • Mauris: DLC declined CAAMP incentive offer by Vernon Clement Jones | 12 Dec 2011

    DLC’s Gary Mauris is clearing up any confusion around a CAAMP incentive to super brokers willing to collect membership dues for the association, telling that his organization rejected the offer. read more

  • New features rile brokers by Vernon Clement Jones | 12 Dec 2011

    The new feature of a lead generation website – where rate shoppers submit applications to site administrators, who then decide which broker to give them to – is raising eyebrows and legal questions among brokers. read more

  • Mortgage rules affect investor strategies: online poll by Vernon Clement Jones | 12 Dec 2011

    The government’s new mortgage rules have, indeed, affected the acquisition strategy of many real estate investors — right along with their home-buying counterparts — suggests an online poll conducted by CMP’s sister publication, Canadian Real Estate Wealth. read more

  • MCAP has new CEO by | 09 Dec 2011

    Just months after the departure of Ron Swift, MCAP has again undergone changes at the executive level. read more

  • Hall of Famer: Brokers, don't get distracted by Vernon Clement Jones | 09 Dec 2011

    Talk of a possible recession, more lender losses and collateral charges have distracted brokers from the urgent “business” before them, said the head of one of the country’s largest networks, identifying a need for better client servicing. read more

  • Broker tests market limits by Vernon Clement Jones | 08 Dec 2011

    An aggressive agent is now embarking on an experiment, which, if it works, could inspire a sea-change in the way brokers position themselves in – or rather, outside – of their markets. read more

  • Brokers move closer to collateral charges by Vernon Clement Jones | 08 Dec 2011

    New financials from lender B2B further illustrate broker willingness to arrange collateral-charge mortgages, with the niche player reporting a $333m spike in funded volume last fiscal year. read more

  • Housing starts hit speed bump by Vernon Clement Jones | 08 Dec 2011

    Housing starts fell last month by nearly 15 per cent from October's 208,800 units, a decline felt across almost all segments of the construction market. read more

  • Email highlights the challenges facing Radius by Vernon Clement Jones | 07 Dec 2011

    Radius Financial – the former myNext – is facing some challenges in its bid to win over brokers outside the Pacific Mortgage family, specifically, approval from one of the industry’s largest broker networks. read more