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  • CMP Top 75 Brokers list open for submissions

    Want to tell your clients you're among Canada's top 75 mortgage brokers? Submit and you may even find out what it’s like to be No. 1! CMP magazine is now calling for submissions for the Top 75 brokers list for the 2011 financial year.

  • MAC wins road rep defections

    What’s that, banker? The grass is greener on your side? Think again.

  • National rental vacancy rate falls

    The rental market in Canada tightened slightly in April with the vacancy rate dropping and average rental rates increasing, according to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

  • TD: Vancouver, T.O. housing correction on hold

    Oh, brokers, the sky is still falling on Toronto and Vancouver housing markets, say TD economists in an update to an earlier prediction. It just won`t be for another couple of years.

  • Brokerage leads with full-time trainer position

    It’s an added cost many brokerages aren’t prepared to bankroll, but a leading Ontario player is now identifying the benefits of a dedicated trainer for agents teaching soft as well as hard skills.

  • Expert to brokers: KYI -- Know Your Investor

    A compliance expert is offering a cautionary note to the growing number of mortgage brokers working with individual investors eager to fund private mortgages: KYI – know your investor.

  • Broker: there's an upside to employment downside

    If there’s going to be a silver lining in slower-than-expected job growth, says one leading Toronto broker, it’ll be slower-than-expected rate hikes at the Bank of Canada.

  • Declines forecast for B.C. housing market

    Home prices and sales in B.C. are forecast to decline in 2012, with a small bounce-back in 2013, according to the province’s real estate association.

  • New agents to brokers: We have a bone to pick with you

    Brokerages have largely failed to give young agents the structure, training and mentorship they need to make business for themselves – that criticism from none other than the newcomers themselves, according to research.

  • Role for brokers in review of Ont. act.

    It won`t likely be an engraved invitation – or a day in court – but Ontario brokers can expect some opportunity to share their beefs with FSCO during a five-year review of the legislation.