• Hall of Famer: Brokers, don't get distracted by Vernon Clement Jones | 09 Dec 2011

    Talk of a possible recession, more lender losses and collateral charges have distracted brokers from the urgent “business” before them, said the head of one of the country’s largest networks, identifying a need for better client servicing. read more

  • Broker tests market limits by Vernon Clement Jones | 08 Dec 2011

    An aggressive agent is now embarking on an experiment, which, if it works, could inspire a sea-change in the way brokers position themselves in – or rather, outside – of their markets. read more

  • Brokers move closer to collateral charges by Vernon Clement Jones | 08 Dec 2011

    New financials from lender B2B further illustrate broker willingness to arrange collateral-charge mortgages, with the niche player reporting a $333m spike in funded volume last fiscal year. read more

  • Housing starts hit speed bump by Vernon Clement Jones | 08 Dec 2011

    Housing starts fell last month by nearly 15 per cent from October's 208,800 units, a decline felt across almost all segments of the construction market. read more

  • Email highlights the challenges facing Radius by Vernon Clement Jones | 07 Dec 2011

    Radius Financial – the former myNext – is facing some challenges in its bid to win over brokers outside the Pacific Mortgage family, specifically, approval from one of the industry’s largest broker networks. read more

  • New mortgage product wins $50m in deals for Invis/MI by Vernon Clement Jones | 07 Dec 2011

    A pilot group of Invis/Mortgage Intelligence brokers has already won $50 m in deals for the company’s new Partner Mortgage – only three weeks after the product’s launch. read more

  • MI adds Waterloo brokerage to its stable by | 07 Dec 2011

    Mortgage Intelligence has expanded its presence in the Kitchener-Waterloo area with the announcement that Steve Heimbecker and Concierge Mortgage Group has joined the company. read more

  • TREB: Toronto still affordable by | 07 Dec 2011

    The average price of a Toronto home is now about 10 per cent higher than a year ago, according to the latest statistics from the city's real estate board. read more

  • ING: Collateral charges are all about 'simplicity & savings' by Vernon Clement Jones | 06 Dec 2011

    ING’s decision to register all mortgages as collateral charge boils down to just two things, its VP of lending told Savings and simplicity. read more

  • Brokerage head: Buy-downs don't work in this market by Vernon Clement Jones | 06 Dec 2011

    The growing number of high-volume brokers expanding into this market may ultimately have to abandon their buy-down strategy, said a veteran now speaking from personal experience. read more