• Top 5 mono-line challenges by Vernon Clement Jones | 10 May 2012

    CMP canvassed brokers from across the country on what exactly mono-lines need to do to keep more of the broker business now going to the banks. Here’s the Top Five ways brokers are challenged by mono-lines read more

  • Regulator pats brokers on the back, but ... by Vernon Clement Jones | 10 May 2012

    Brokers have made real strides in growing their reputation, said the head of the industry's largest regulator, warning future hiring decisions will either add to or detract from that work. read more

  • Radius Financial launches broker points program by | 10 May 2012

    Radius Financial has launched a points program, offering brokers two types of incentives. read more

  • Independents split on whether to join networks: CMP poll by | 10 May 2012

    Will independent brokers being joining national networks en masse in the coming year? You might be surprised by the answer. read more

  • Hot markets compensate for tougher refi rules by Vernon Clement Jones | 09 May 2012

    Exceptionally strong value gains across much of the country helped limit the Ouch! factor for many brokers grappling with CMHC rule changes on refis, with the Crown corporation suggesting that segment of its book has begun to bounce back. read more

  • Web sites hold the key to marketing success: broker by | 09 May 2012

    According to a leading broker trainer, too many brokers are wasting a great marketing tool: their web site. read more

  • Condo craze drives up housing starts by | 09 May 2012

    Canadian builders are showing little fear of a slowdown, as housing starts last month hit their highest level nationally since September 2007, according to the federal housing agency. read more

  • Association prez goes another round by Vernon Clement Jones | 08 May 2012

    It may be a reflection of just how fluid times are for brokers, with the country’s largest provincial association extending the term of a sitting president by another 12 months. read more

  • High-ratio deals morph to conventional by Vernon Clement Jones | 08 May 2012

    Brokers focused exclusively on high-ratio A deals may be increasingly out of luck, with both mortgage insurers and analysts suggesting a large chunk of that business has already crossed over into other, more complex categories. read more

  • The great debate: collateral charge mortgages by | 04 May 2012

    Few products ignite broker debate like collateral charge mortgages. For Gord McCallum, who will be part of panel of industry leaders discussing the subject at the upcoming Mortgage Summit, the need for broker education on every facet of these complicated deals is key. read more