• Mono-line lender wards govt off mortgage rule changes by Vernon Clement Jones | 20 Mar 2012

    Whoa! says one mono-line arguing against additional mortgage rule changes: Today’s “irrational pricing environment” means the government simply hasn’t had time to assess the impact of changes already made. read more

  • TD economist to Govt: Raise minimum down payment by Vernon Clement Jones | 19 Mar 2012

    Brokers are guaranteed to bristle at the suggestion, but a top bank economist is among the first to advocate for an increase in the minimum down payment to 7 per cent instead of 5 – an option with significant implications for first-time and cash-back clients. read more

  • Brokers taking up association's call to arms by Caitlin Nobes | 19 Mar 2012

    CAAMP’s campaign encouraging brokers to speak out against possible mortgage rule changes is beginning to bear fruit, as an Ontario brokerage has added its voice to the growing lobbying effort. read more

  • New stats threaten to scuttle mortgage rule changes by Vernon Clement Jones | 16 Mar 2012

    Better-paid consumers may have taken the wind out of the government’s sails as it considers embarking on another round of mortgage rule changes. read more

  • 45% of brokers procrastinate on re-licensing by Vernon Clement Jones | 15 Mar 2012

    It has come down to the wire for nearly half of Ontario’s 12,000 mortgage professionals – who, with only a month left on the clock, had yet to complete that do-or-die re-licensing course. read more

  • Credit union offers brokers 2.98% with strings by Vernon Clement Jones | 15 Mar 2012

    Ontario’s largest credit union has good and bad news for mortgage brokers: It has now bested BMO’s rock-bottom rate with its own 2.98 per cent deal. The bad news? That lender has set a 10 bps premium for the clients of mortgage brokers. read more

  • Canadian Mortgage Awards welcomes new sponsor by | 15 Mar 2012

    The Canadian Mortgage Awards announced that Radius Financial has signed on to be the exclusive sponsor of the Cocktail Reception at the sixth annual event, which honours the best of the best in the Canadian mortgage industry. read more

  • Mortgage specialists hunting for referral payoffs? by Vernon Clement Jones | 14 Mar 2012

    There’s real concern that an increasing number of mortgage specialists may now have their hands out to collect “co-brokering” fees from brokers gifted with their referrals. read more

  • Rate-site brokers draw the line by Vernon Clement Jones | 14 Mar 2012

    Any controversy aside, brokers on the growing number of rate sites are standing firm with their peers this time, refusing to match BMO’s 2.99 per cent – a rate that would see them “working for nothing.” read more

  • New technolgy added to FNF broker portal by | 14 Mar 2012

    FNF Canada has added new technology to its file management tool for brokers accessing its appraisal and mortgage closing services. read more