• MAC's trifecta of brand building by | 23 May 2012

    Over the spring and summer months Canadians will be hearing a lot of Mortgage Alliance on the radio. And the company wouldn't have it any other way. read more

  • More fuel thrown on the housing bubble fire by | 22 May 2012

    Despite evidence to the contrary, one international economic body says Canada must raise interest rates sooner rather than later to avoid a housing bubble collapse. read more

  • Getting the most out your conference time by | 22 May 2012

    One of the benefits of attending conferences for brokers is the opportunity to meet with others in the industry. With this in mind, The Mortgage Summit has announced a tool designed to help brokers get the most out their time at Canada’s only independent business event for the Canadian mortgage brokering industry. read more

  • MBABC appoints new president by | 22 May 2012

    Jared Dreyer has been appointed President of the Mortgage Brokers Association of British Columbia (MBABC). read more

  • Broker: Save clients from themselves by Vernon Clement Jones | 18 May 2012

    It’s the kind of due diligence that may cause brokers short-term pain, but many are acting nonetheless as the voice of reason for a growing number of clients caught up in bidding wars and in real jeopardy of compromising their futures. read more

  • What will brokers be doing to increase revenue? by | 18 May 2012

    Offering client more than mortgages is one strategy brokers use to diversify their revenue streams. Which services are brokers looking to add? read more

  • Mortgage debt hindering retirement planning: survey by | 18 May 2012

    Managing your mortgage obligations while trying to save for retirement isn’t getting any easier for Canadians, with a new poll revealing that over half expect to carry their mortgage into their retirement years. read more

  • Brokers need to see clearly when it comes to rate by | 17 May 2012

    For one broker it’s the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about: the fact that the industry continues to fight banks on rate when it is clear it can no longer do so successfully. read more

  • Don't go west young man? by Vernon Clement Jones | 17 May 2012

    It’s a buzz killer for young agents looking to escape competitors in larger cities, but the idea of virgin territory anywhere in Canada no longer exists, says one seasoned player. read more

  • Luxury homes still selling: report by | 17 May 2012

    While home sales and prices continue to moderate and even fall in some parts of the country, a new report finds that demand for high-end housing is ahead of last year’s pace. read more