• Budget threatens a buoyant broker market by Vernon Clement Jones | 30 Mar 2012

    The government’s plans to axe 19,200 public-sector jobs over the next three years could send a chill through the hot Ottawa housing market, say brokers, if the dampening effects of past cutbacks are anything to go by. read more

  • Bankers sick and tired of the rate wars by Vernon Clement Jones | 30 Mar 2012

    Brokers exhausted by this latest battle in the rate wars will have time to nurse their wounds, with the big banks suggesting they’ve put down their weapons for now, if never really for good. read more

  • Flaherty budget answers mortgage broker pleas by Vernon Clement Jones | 29 Mar 2012

    PHEW! Brokers are breathing a sigh of relief after the Finance Minister rejected calls to tinker with mortgage insurance rules, offering a budget that leaves the maximum amortization cap at 30 years and the minimum down payment at 5 per cent. read more

  • Finalists for Canadian Mortgage Awards broker/brokerage categories announced by | 29 Mar 2012

    As the 2012 Canadian Mortgage Awards wind down on June 1, there may be some familiar names headed to the podium to accept the Broker, Brokerage and National Broker Network of the year awards. read more

  • Expert gremlins interrupt preapprovals rush by Vernon Clement Jones | 29 Mar 2012

    D+H was quick to resolve the issue – and all technical hands were indeed on deck. But brokers trying to push through a mountain of preapprovals ahead of today’s rate reset were, nonetheless, confronted by Expert technical problems that slowed and, at some points, blocked submissions Wednesday. read more

  • Street does its new owner proud by Vernon Clement Jones | 29 Mar 2012

    Street Capital’s new owner is gushing about the mono-line’s contributions to its bottom line, using its latest financials to highlight a 29 per cent jump in the lender’s quarterly earnings. read more

  • No rule changes on budget blotter: Association head by Vernon Clement Jones | 28 Mar 2012

    It’s likely what all brokers want to hear, and something they may have helped to bring about, with CAAMP President Jim Murphy suggesting the government has heard the industry’s concerns and will leave mortgage rules alone Thursday. read more

  • Broker finalists named for Canadian Mortgage Awards by | 28 Mar 2012

    Ask any mortgage broker and they’ll say that they are proud to help people navigate the biggest purchase of their lives. They don’t do for the accolades, but sometimes it’s nice to be recognized for doing a good job. read more

  • report: Cooling not collapse by Vernon Clement Jones | 28 Mar 2012

    Brokers, consider it one last kick at the can or one last plea for the government to leave mortgage rules unchanged in Thursday’s budget. But new research is drawing more distinctions than similarities between Canada’s correction-ready housing market and the pre-bubble U.S. of 2007. read more

  • Lender: BFS rates safe for now by Vernon Clement Jones | 27 Mar 2012

    The hasty retreat of A lenders from the NIQ space will certainly limit funding options for broker clients, but shouldn’t – despite growing fears – lead to a spike in borrowing costs, said a leading Alt A player. read more