• Small market brokers climb top ranking by MBN | 05 Jul 2012

    Mortgage professionals in smaller markets are increasingly stepping up to be counted in the CMP Top Brokers list. Their funded volumes are challenging mortgage professionals in much larger markets. read more

  • Market slowdown worries brokers, associations by Vernon Clement Jones | 05 Jul 2012

    Brokers are now getting an early sign of what’s to come, as the country’s hottest markets – including Toronto – see June home sales cool, even before the latest mortgage rules kick in. read more

  • Report supports broker concerns about rule changes by Jamie Farshchi | 05 Jul 2012

    A new report suggesting Canadians have an average of 15 years left on their mortgage may support broker concerns the move to tighten mortgage rules was unnecessary. read more

  • BMO offers brokers some good news ... sort of by Jamie Farshchi | 04 Jul 2012

    BMO Economics have predicted the central bank will hold interest rates until July 2013, which may be good news for brokers. read more

  • Refis bearing the brunt of 'appraisal alert' by Jamie Farshchi | 04 Jul 2012

    With the maximum loan to value for refis reduced to 80 per cent, banks may be adding insult to injury with more conservative appraisals for refis, argue brokers. read more

  • RBC on brokers' side? by Vernon Clement Jones | 03 Jul 2012

    RBC is among the first to suggest the government might want to make those new rules temporary and not permanent, arguing they – coupled with rising interest rates – could scuttle the market. read more

  • Lenders to divide up FirstLine spoils, says veteran by Vernon Clement Jones | 03 Jul 2012

    Lenders have already begun to court brokers with well-established ties to FirstLine, but it’s unlikely any one of them will win most of that business, says a respected veteran, arguing four big players will initially divide the spoils. read more

  • Big brokerage makes private lending debut by Vernon Clement Jones | 29 Jun 2012

    One of the country’s largest brokerages is getting into the private lending game, just ahead of an expected bulge in business for that segment of this turbulent market. read more

  • Best of the best comments! by Vernon Clement Jones | 29 Jun 2012

    There are so many to choose from, but here are just a few of the best comments brokers penned this week. read more

  • Flaherty acknowledges possible pain by Vernon Clement Jones | 29 Jun 2012

    Jim Flaherty is now conceding the economy may take a bit of a beating because of the new, tighter mortgage rules – billing it as a necessary evil in order to protect the housing market. read more