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  • Lender: Forget 2.99. Think 2.84%

    Xceed upped the ante in an increasingly hot game of rate wars Thursday, handing the most qualified broker clients 2.84 per cent on a five-year fixed.

  • MCC brokers put CIBC under the looking glass

    CIBC, let this serve as notice: MCC brokers are putting every move you make under a magnifying glass in an effort to determine whether you intend to remain in the broker channel.

  • Expert outages stymie submissions

    D+H continues to investigate the root causes of intermittent outages to its Expert platform that delayed submissions and frustrated brokers across the country this week.

  • Brokers: Good riddance to "unethical' points

    While FirstLiine’s BasisPOINTS settlement is a hot topic, some brokers are saying the actual demise of the program is good for the industry’s integrity.

  • MCC brokers highlight CIBC exclusivity

    With FirstLine being pulled from the broker channel, expect MCC and HLC brokers to impress upon their clients that they alone have access to CIBC.

  • Brokers use 'lenders' survey to convey beefs

    Fears of a market slowdown are adding a sense of urgency to this year’s CMP Brokers on Lenders survey, with mortgage professionals looking for a definitive way to convey their expectations to banks and mono-lines.

  • Time to lower minimun volume requirements?

    Stricter mortgage rules threatening to cool down the housing market are fueling broker hopes lenders will soon lower their minimum volume requirements to compensate for a drop-off in business.

  • Broker: CIBC giving brokers raw deal

    Brokers are getting a poor deal in CIBC’s offer to buy back their accumulated FirstLine BasisPOINTS, according to some mortgage brokers pointing to possible tax implications.

  • Banks hint at renewed rate war

    Banks are tipping their hand as to just how much appetite they still have for mortgage lending, with RBC pointing to the continuing low-rate environment and the offset it provides households swimming in debt.

  • Broker warn clients about longer auto loan terms

    More and more Canadians are extending the amortization on the car loans as a way of qualifying for bigger mortgages, according to a new survey from J.D. Power and Associates.