• New agents to brokers: We have a bone to pick with you by Vernon Clement Jones | 08 Jun 2012

    Brokerages have largely failed to give young agents the structure, training and mentorship they need to make business for themselves – that criticism from none other than the newcomers themselves, according to research. read more

  • Role for brokers in review of Ont. act. by Vernon Clement Jones | 08 Jun 2012

    It won`t likely be an engraved invitation – or a day in court – but Ontario brokers can expect some opportunity to share their beefs with FSCO during a five-year review of the legislation. read more

  • Housing starts slow in May by | 08 Jun 2012

    Not surprisingly, housing starts cooled in May after a surge in April and are expected to remain lower throughout the rest of the year, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. said Friday. read more

  • Veteran: OSFI decision may benefit brokers by Vernon Clement Jones | 07 Jun 2012

    For clients, it’s the one menacing clause in OSFI’s rejection of re-qualification at renewal. But for brokers, says one industry veteran, it’s may be an opportunity to grow their business. read more

  • Renovation slowdown to hit brokers by Vernon Clement Jones | 07 Jun 2012

    There's yet more indication that brokers should brace for further slowdown in refis, with a new CMHC report identifying a weakening renovation sector across much of the country. read more

  • Canadians optimistic about becoming debt-free by | 07 Jun 2012

    With household debt still a hot topic amongst economists, a new poll finds that most Canadians believe they can be debt-free by 2017 – which includes their mortgages. read more

  • OSFI nixes requalifying guideline by Vernon Clement Jones | 06 Jun 2012

    From CAAMP’s lips to OSFI’s ear. The federal regulator issued a letter Wednesday clarifying its position on re-qualifying borrowers at renewal -- effectively maintaining the status quo and confirming CAAMP's understanding. read more

  • Assoc.: Good news from OSFI on the way by Vernon Clement Jones | 06 Jun 2012

    It may be too early to break out the bubbly, but brokers – and indeed their nervous clients – appear poised to escape the most onerous of OSFI’s proposed changes, said the head of the industry’s largest association, pointing to recent discussions in Ottawa. read more

  • S&P puts Genworth under looking glass by Vernon Clement Jones | 06 Jun 2012

    S&P may not be as bullish on the Canadian housing market as brokers, adjusting the rating for Genworth Canada to “stable” from “positive,” citing concerns about consumer debt loads, among others. read more

  • Broker channel consolidation underway by Vernon Clement Jones | 06 Jun 2012

    Broker channel consolidation is again in play, with B2B Trust announcing it has signed an agreement to acquire Verico lending partner AGF Trust for a cash amount equivalent to its $242-million book. read more