• Merix makes its move on BFS, rental programs by Vernon Clement Jones | 07 Feb 2012

    Merix has made changes to a key segment of its business-for-self lending, passing the cost of insurance on to some borrowers while reducing the interest rate premiums they must, nonetheless, continue to pay. read more

  • Mauris to talk buy-downs on webinar by Vernon Clement Jones | 07 Feb 2012

    DLC’s Gary Mauris takes the hot seat Wednesday for an animated discussion on buying down rate and other challenges facing the broker channel -- joining industry trainer Greg Williamson for the last of two webinars now attracting hundreds of mortgage professionals. read more

  • CAAMP goes on the offensive by Vernon Clement Jones | 07 Feb 2012

    CAAMP is using several routes to get an unequivocal message to Ottawa: lender underwriting has nothing to do with concerns about the CMHC’s $600 billion insurance cap. read more

  • TD and Invis-MI back together again by Vernon Clement Jones | 06 Feb 2012

    Invis-MI has mended fences with TD -- the lender having reopened its doors to the network's Alberta brokers and agents in January, has learned. read more

  • Genworth to the rescue? by Vernon Clement Jones | 06 Feb 2012

    CMHC’s loss may ultimately be Genworth’s gain, with the country’s number two default mortgage insurer suggesting it has “lots” of lending capacity, even as the Crown corp. raises a cautionary note about its own future capabilities. read more

  • GTA market: the gift that keeps giving by CMP | 06 Feb 2012

    Toronto brokers worried about a slowing market, don't. Toronto home sales grew as did prices, rising 4.1 per cent in January, compared to a year earlier. read more

  • Et tu, Street? by Vernon Clement Jones | 03 Feb 2012

    Street Capital has made key changes to its conventional mortgage lending, including the removal of its stated-income product – what its president calls a credit risk decision. read more

  • Swift to headline industry panel by CMP | 03 Feb 2012

    He was a newsmaker in 2011 with his move from MCAP to Pacific Mortgage Group. Now it’s 2012 and Ron Swift is still making headlines for, among other things, his decision to join the opening keynote panel for this year’s The Mortgage Summit. read more

  • FNF Canada expands broker services by | 03 Feb 2012

    FNF Canada has introduced new communication channels for brokers to access its appraisal and mortgage closing services. read more

  • GTA prices rise in January by | 03 Feb 2012

    The sale of homes outside the City of Toronto helped drive sales in the Greater Toronto Area nearly nine per cent higher in January. read more