• Commercial market returns soar by | 21 Feb 2012

    Brokers currently involved in or thinking of entering the commercial side should be encouraged by the latest numbers showing the sector’s return on investment has grown more than 16 per cent since 2009. read more

  • Report: Tighter mortgage rules threaten key industry by Vernon Clement Jones | 17 Feb 2012

    A broker channel report is now documenting what could well be at stake with further tightening of the country’s mortgage rules -- detailing the economic impact of the housing and mortgage industry. read more

  • Former mortgage specialists heading home by Vernon Clement Jones | 16 Feb 2012

    A slowing market and the challenges of chasing leads will undoubtedly send a growing number of former mortgage specialists back to the banks and out of the broker industry, wagers one Vancouver broker – himself a former CIBC veteran. read more

  • Home Trust bullish on its BFS horizons by Vernon Clement Jones | 15 Feb 2012

    Home Trust is backing up the assessment of most mortgage brokers, suggesting it does indeed view the channel’s retreat from business-for-self lending as a potential boon for its own book. read more

  • Haditaghi: Possible loss of CIBC is a big deal! by Vernon Clement Jones | 14 Feb 2012

    CIBC’s departure from the broker channel -- through its sale of FirstLine -- would be anything but insignificant, suggests the founder of Pacific Mortgage Group. read more

  • Newspaper article: It's all about brokers by Vernon Clement Jones | 13 Feb 2012

    Indeed, no publicity is bad publicity, with mortgage brokers welcoming a well-placed article in the National Post that’s all about them – more specifically, their willingness to buy down rate. read more

  • Housing market to remain steady until 2014: CMHC by | 13 Feb 2012

    While many in financial circles continue to call for a correction to Canada’s housing market, the crown corporation which insures mortgages is predicting two more years of calm. read more

  • FirstLine sale represents opportunity: Murphy by Vernon Clement Jones | 11 Feb 2012

    Any move by CIBC to sell FirstLine is undoubtedly a business decision, argues the president of the country’s national broker association, suggesting the big bank’s exit would offer the industry real opportunity. read more

  • 'Key Messages' offer blueprint for government lobbying by Vernon Clement Jones | 10 Feb 2012

    Oops. CAAMP may just have eliminated any excuse for not fighting the introduction of tighter mortgage rules, offering all brokers and agents a list of speaking points to present to their MPs, but also the media. read more

  • Bank self-regulation? You be the judge by | 10 Feb 2012

    Canadian banks continue to send out mixed messages to consumers and mortgage brokers alike. read more