• Rate hike on top of rule changes? by Vernon Clement Jones | 25 Jun 2012

    The move to again switch up mortgage rules has helped the central bank out of a tough spot, say analysts, although Mark Carney isn't ruling out a rate hike if necessary. read more

  • Realtor exec: Mortgage rules 'blunt instrument' by Vernon Clement Jones | 25 Jun 2012

    The head of one of the country’s most powerful real estate brands is calling the latest round of mortgage rule changes unnecessary, given market cooling already underway across much of the country. read more

  • CMP Top Brokers capitalize on ranking by Jamie Farshchi | 22 Jun 2012

    It’s all well and good for CMP to sing the praises of its Top 75 Brokers list, but what do Canada’s top performers have to say? We find out in this new series with leading brokers from last year's CMP Top 50. And they're none to bashful about explaining why their ranking translates into more than a pat on the back. read more

  • Rule changes spur brokers & clients into action by Vernon Clement Jones | 22 Jun 2012

    Whether they like the rule changes or not, brokers are facing what may be the busiest two weeks of the entire rest of the year, especially those dealing with first-time buyers in danger of being shut out of pricey markets read more

  • Trio of associations form partnership, talk designation by Vernon Clement Jones | 22 Jun 2012

    It’s an alliance seen as increasingly important for a challenged industry, with three provincial associations now formally banding together in partnership -- and with an eye to eventually creating a “professional designation.” read more

  • Govt to lower amortization, LTV on refis ... again by Vernon Clement Jones | 21 Jun 2012

    The reprieve Canadian brokers thought they had is no longer, with the government confirming it will now lower the maximum amortization on an insured mortgage to 25 years and cap refinances at 80 per cent of a home's value. read more

  • Inside look at FirstLine's demise by Vernon Clement Jones | 21 Jun 2012 has pieced together an insider's look into the reasons behind the shut down of FirstLine and how one the channel’s biggest lenders has come to its end. read more

  • Industry vet: Condo clients ain't going nowhere by Vernon Clement Jones | 21 Jun 2012

    Brokers shouldn’t necessarily expect their condo-seeking clients to leaving them sitting on pre-approvals too long, with one industry leader suggesting buyers and prices will stay put. read more

  • Sources: FirstLine to wind down by Vernon Clement Jones | 20 Jun 2012

    Two of FirstLine’s top broker partners are now confirming Firstline will, in fact, wind down operations at the end of next month, with news about how exactly CIBC will handle rate buydown and other point programs to come with a final announcement. read more

  • New lender woos 625 brokers by Vernon Clement Jones | 20 Jun 2012

    An upstart channel lender has now attracted hundreds of brokers and nearly $200 million in mortgages – that with little more than eight months on the clock and without resorting to bargain-basement pricing. read more