• Flaherty acknowledges possible pain by Vernon Clement Jones | 29 Jun 2012

    Jim Flaherty is now conceding the economy may take a bit of a beating because of the new, tighter mortgage rules – billing it as a necessary evil in order to protect the housing market. read more

  • Fitch: brokers facing tighter underwriting on low-ratios by Vernon Clement Jones | 28 Jun 2012

    Another credit rating company is weighing in on Canada’s new rules for insured mortgages, suggesting brokers will soon see lenders move to duplicate those standards for uninsured home loans. read more

  • Brokers face falling funded volumes by Vernon Clement Jones | 28 Jun 2012

    It’s only confirmation of what most brokers already fear, with TD Economics suggesting the average Canadian home price will fall 10 – 15 per cent in the next two years, taking the number of sales – and so funded volume – with it. read more

  • Brokers anticipate Flaherty’s next move by Jamie Farshchi | 27 Jun 2012

    What will the government’s next move be if the new mortgage rules don’t result in a market slowdown? Brokers are taking some well-educated guesses. read more

  • Brokers turn top ranking into marketing muscle by Jamie Farshchi | 27 Jun 2012

    Brokers, among them a leading player on B.C.`s Lower Mainland, have used their "third party" rankings to grow client confidence. read more

  • Economists back up broker concerns by Vernon Clement Jones | 27 Jun 2012

    TD economists are now voicing some of the same concerns as brokers about the negative impact this latest round of mortgage rule changes will have on the economy and, more specifically, employment. read more

  • Brokers face tight-er deadlines by Vernon Clement Jones | 26 Jun 2012

    Forget July 9. Brokers may have considerably fewer days to get their applications in ahead of the government's start date for new mortgage rules. read more

  • Rule changes too late? by Caitlin Nobes | 26 Jun 2012

    Tightening mortgage rules aimed at cooling Canada’s housing market “may have come too late” to avoid a hard landing. read more

  • Banks push cashbacks by Vernon Clement Jones | 26 Jun 2012

    Brokers are feeling one last push by the banks to sell cashback mortgages before OSFI kicks it off their product lists. read more

  • Brokers: mortgage rules pave way for agent cull by Vernon Clement Jones | 25 Jun 2012

    For established brokers, it could be the sunny side of an otherwise dark round of mortgage rule changes, with industry veterans predicting as much as 15 per cent of agents will be forced to leave the business within the year. read more