• Brokers seek greater transparency in lender guidelines by Nestor Arellano | 20 Aug 2012

    It's one issue likely to crop up again and again in the 2012 CMP Brokers on Lenders survey, but lenders should move now to correct it, say brokers calling for more specific guidelines and restrictions. read more

  • Brokers anticipate wave of compensation cuts by Nestor Arellano | 20 Aug 2012

    Mortgage professionals are fearful a recent move by First National to lower commissions will kick start a trend, as channel lenders face fewer competitors for broker business. read more

  • Survey: First-timers hungry for 'broker' advice by Vernon Clement Jones | 20 Aug 2012

    It’s not quite the message TD intended to convey with its new survey of first-time buyers, but that research is helping make the case for mortgage brokers. read more

  • Realtors, a broker’s lifesaver? by Nestor Arellano | 16 Aug 2012

    Brokers might not want to hear it. But Realtor referrals may increasingly be a lifesaver as refis provide less and less safe harbour in this stormy market, say industry players. read more

  • Survey exposes gap in lender service areas by Nestor Arellano | 16 Aug 2012

    A broker ranking of lenders is likely to break down along regional lines, suggest mortgage professionals anticipating the results of this year`s CMP survey and pointing to a funding gap between big and small markets. read more

  • Brokers embrace an old friend by Vernon Clement Jones | 16 Aug 2012

    Hello, old friend? That new LTV cap on refis will inevitably increase the number of A clients seeking private second mortgages, says one broker specialist. It will also increase the need for broker vigilance. read more

  • Vancouver brokers pinched by slump by Nestor Arellano | 16 Aug 2012

    Brokers in the once-hot real estate market of Vancouver are now experiencing the chilling effects of the new mortgage rules and buyers sitting it out, hoping for already falling home prices to plunge even lower. read more

  • ING’s broker links could hamper sale by Nestor Arellano | 15 Aug 2012

    As attractive as ING Direct Canada may be to prospective buyers, its use of brokers will likely deter the biggest of those suitors, according to one analyst. read more

  • Cross selling bolsters client retention by Nestor Arellano | 15 Aug 2012

    A broker now selling insurance to boost his product mix says it has also strengthened his hold on clients. read more

  • 'Good news' for B.C. brokers by MBN | 15 Aug 2012

    It’s not exactly good news, but for struggling B.C. brokers, it comes close. read more