• OSFI guidelines hit Smith Manoeuvre by Nestor Arellano | 12 Jul 2012

    New OSFI guidelines offer less than good news for mortgage brokers who deal in the Smith Manoeuvre. read more

  • Application deluge? Try application dud by Nestor Arellano | 11 Jul 2012

    Many mortgage brokers anticipating a deluge of clients eager to beat the mortgage rule changes were disappointed by the actual number of customers who came knocking at their doors last month. read more

  • Mortgage specialists crowd out brokers on Kijiji by Nestor Arellano | 11 Jul 2012

    It’s the online classifieds that road reps swear by, although skeptical brokers have been reluctant to follow their lead. read more

  • The Big Seven? Eight? Nine? by Jamie Farshchi | 11 Jul 2012

    Major Canadian credit unions are putting their weight behind proposed federal legislation that would turn them into federal players and ultimately more important broker partners. read more

  • New "bank" for brokers by Vernon Clement Jones | 10 Jul 2012

    It’s now official, with the newly-minted B2B Bank offering its own branded line of mortgage products through brokers and no longer those labeled "Laurentian." read more

  • Market hits tipping point: Royal Lepage by Caitlin Nobes,CRE | 10 Jul 2012

    The real estate market is at a tipping point, with some areas becoming too expensive for buyers, according to the head of one of the country's largest Realtor networks. read more

  • Road rep: Brokers more hurt by new rules than specialists by Vernon Clement Jones | 09 Jul 2012

    The new mortgage rules are more likely to challenge mortgage brokers than mortgage specialists, says one leading road rep, pointing to greater broker reliance on “marginally qualified A clients.” read more

  • BMO poll: New rules scare off 14% prospective buyers by MBN | 09 Jul 2012

    Nearly 15 per cent of prospective homebuyers say the latest changes make it less likely they will buy a new home in the next five years, according to a new Bank of Montreal poll. read more

  • Sanctions hurt key broker market by Vernon Clement Jones | 09 Jul 2012

    Brokers relying on Canada’s growing Iranian community are in a bind, as most lenders move to make it virtually impossible for immigrants to transfer funds from that sanctioned country. read more

  • Bill promises to re-grow broker channel by Vernon Clement Jones | 06 Jul 2012

    New federal legislation – if passed – could widen the broker channel for mortgage professionals now facing a shrinking number of deep-pocketed lenders. read more