• Lender: BFS rates safe for now by Vernon Clement Jones | 27 Mar 2012

    The hasty retreat of A lenders from the NIQ space will certainly limit funding options for broker clients, but shouldn’t – despite growing fears – lead to a spike in borrowing costs, said a leading Alt A player. read more

  • Canadian Mortgage Awards names finalists in lender categories by | 27 Mar 2012

    The lender community will be well represented at the 2012 Canadian Mortgage Awards, as CMP has released the finalists for the underwriter and BDM categories today. read more

  • Even more reason to thank BMO by Vernon Clement Jones | 27 Mar 2012

    Brokers may have even more to thank BMO for this time around, with its second “irrational” rate offer encouraging even more fence sitters into the market, say agents. read more

  • Brokers flock to old-school lead generator by Vernon Clement Jones | 26 Mar 2012

    Open houses are no longer just for rookies, with a growing number of seasoned brokers reincorporating them as a way of grabbing some of the highest conversion rates in the business. read more

  • Canadian Mortgage Awards names first group of finalists by | 26 Mar 2012

    It’s that time of year again – time for the finalists for the Canadian Mortgage Awards to be announced. read more

  • Majority of Canadians would pick fixed-rate mortgage by | 26 Mar 2012

    With most believing that mortgage rates have nowhere to go but up, it’s not surprising that many people would choose a fixed rate mortgage. read more

  • Flaherty to bankers: Pull the other one by Vernon Clement Jones | 23 Mar 2012

    The irony that bankers dangling some of the lowest rates in history are also asking Ottawa to tighten mortgage rules hasn't been lost on the Finance minister, now suggesting he'd rather sit pat. read more

  • Lenders turn to conferences during rate wars by CMP | 23 Mar 2012

    Channel lenders are moving to capitalize on growing interest in professional development, finding new ways to partner with independent conferences that sweeten the pot for attendees and extend their reach to brokers. read more

  • Home prices continue to slow by | 23 Mar 2012

    A soft landing for the Canadian housing market appears to be the most likely scenario, as the latest numbers from the country’s largest real estate association show a continued deceleration of home prices. read more

  • Top broker: Get your 'docs' in a row by Vernon Clement Jones | 22 Mar 2012

    It’s a request many brokers fear will scare away clients, but a top B.C. player asks for ALL supporting documents right after meeting with a lead – a way of gauging buy-in levels. read more