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  • Broker: gift letters good for the market

    Brokers fear any further mortgage rule change, but especially any tweak that would close the taps on an increasingly important source of "cheap money" for clients.

  • Brokers play golf for charity

    With their individual charity efforts, two members of a large superbroker score a hole in one for the less fortunate.

  • Bank economists on 2014

    Bank economists are offering new forecasts for 2014 that may force brokers to check their optimism at the door – before entering the new year.

  • Syndicated mortgages gaining popularity

    FDS Broker Services announced Thursday that it recently reached the milestone of funding $100 million in Fortress Real Capital syndicated mortgages.

  • Canada's mortgage book improving

    New CMHC data revealing the improved quality of Canada’s mortgage book may encourage brokers to tell both Jim Flaherty and Julie Dickson “I told you so” for even suggesting further tightening.

  • Client Christmas cards – how to get it right

    Sending a Christmas greeting to your clients can be the finishing touch to a successful year’s relationship building, but get it wrong and you could undo all that hard work. Here are some top Yuletide tips

  • Tip for holiday client credit protection

    You may want to cast yourself in the role of the Grinch this holiday season, with a leading broker identifying one credit-protecting rule to share with clients who’ll thank you later but probably not today.

  • Major brokerage gets Canadians out of the cold

    One major brokerage is increasingly in the business of providing not only mortgages for clients but food and shelter for people utterly unprepared to use their services.

  • Advice for advising first-time buyers and ... parents

    A lawyer and respected real estate veteran is offering a fresh warning for those enlisting the help of family members for a down payment – a word of caution brokers should share with all first-time buyers and, indeed, their parents.

  • Home sales spike downplayed by CREA

    Brokers hoping November’s impressive 5.9 per cent rise in home sales bodes well for the coming winter season may be disappointed, with some suggesting the spike may point to just the opposite.