• Lenders dangle carrots in drive for efficiency by CMP | 02 May 2012

    Brokers are increasingly being judged by the efficiency of their work and not just the funded volume of their labour, with two channel players formally updating reward programs to better reflect that metric. read more

  • Brokers ain't lying down for OSFI by Vernon Clement Jones | 02 May 2012

    The federal regulator threatening to overhaul the guidelines lenders and brokers work under is now in receipt of the channel’s most exhaustive response to those proposals -- in short, a list of what ain’t broke and don’t need to be fixed, say brokers. read more

  • Most brokers happy with their brokerage, early poll results reveal by | 02 May 2012

    Are brokers happy with their current brokerage? What will be the biggest change in the industry over the next 12 months? These are just a couple of the topics being covered by CMP’s annual Broker Sentiment Poll. With just under a month left to complete the survey, brokers are already making some important statements with the poll. read more

  • Mortgage specialist: Grass isn't greener on broker side by Vernon Clement Jones | 01 May 2012

    One of Ontario’s leading mortgage specialists is setting the record straight for brokers, laying out his argument for why the bank increasingly provides the best of both worlds for aggressive entrepreneurs looking to maximize their funded volume. read more

  • Invis/MI mortgage goes national by Vernon Clement Jones | 01 May 2012

    Invis/Mortgage Intelligence is now rolling out its “Partner Mortgage” across the country, that step coming at the tail-end of a five-month pilot. read more

  • HOMEQ makes the case for sale to shareholders by | 01 May 2012

    HOMEQ Corporation, Canada’s only reverse mortgage provider, is pulling out all the stops to ensure that shareholders approve the company’s sale to a private equity firm. read more

  • Lenders access mortgage histories on credit reports by Vernon Clement Jones | 30 Apr 2012

    A computer glitch has provided some brokers with a glimpse of credit reports that include mortgage payment histories – information many banks, they learned, already get. read more

  • Flaherty throws CMHC future in doubt by Vernon Clement Jones | 30 Apr 2012

    Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is hinting – like none of his predecessors before him – that the government could and, perhaps, should get out of the mortgage insurance business. read more

  • Poll reveals secrets to mortgage freedom from those who've done it by | 30 Apr 2012

    While a recent poll reveals that on average, Canadians believe they will be mortgage-free by the age of 55, those who have already achieved that goal have some advice: make a plan and be prepared for sacrifices. read more

  • Brokers edge out bankers for media spotlight by Vernon Clement Jones | 27 Apr 2012

    Brokers are increasingly finding themselves in front of TV cameras and quoted in the news – elbowing out bankers and economists in an effort to elevate their collective profile. read more